78yr old tasered twice

Posted: May 22, 2012 in Law & Disorder
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A 78 year old grandmother was tasered by police twice after stabbing her husband 17 times when she snapped under the pressure of caring for him.

Florence Thomson had just moved to a newly built bungalow in Long Sutton, Lincolnshire with her husband Keith, 79, who has Alzheimer’s disease, when she lost the plot and repeatedly plunged a carving knife into his chest. Well they do say moving is very stressful.

Police were called, and when Mrs Thomson refused to put the knife down, they tasered her twice. Oh come on, brawny boys in blue wearing stab proof vests have to taser a near 80 year-old. I bet they had shaven heads too, the police not the old girl.

Mr Thomson, who used to work for electronics firm Ferranti, survived despite his injuries and is being looked after at a care home. He is said to be keen to see his wife.

Mrs Thomson, who survived the taser attack arrived at court using a Zimmer frame, yesterday escaped a jail sentence for the attack after a judge heard that years of caring for her husband had taken their toll on her mental health. Escaped prison sentence, I’ve read court reports this week where killers have walked free from courts.

Judge Michael Heath sentenced Mrs Thomson, who had spent five months on remand, to a two-year community order with supervision by probation officers and imposed an indefinite restraining order which means she can visit her husband only under supervision.

Chuggers, doorknockers modern day parasites

Yesterday I reported that chuggers are turning into door knockers to bully people into making direct debits to charities.

Apparently there are door knockers of a different ilk going the rounds of our streets.
Police have had reports the door step sellers, known as Nottingham Knockers, are now operating in various counties in England.
They knock at doors and claim to be ex convicts attempting to mend their ways, before trying to sell everyday household products at very high prices.

Two weeks ago the Sevenoaks Chronicle, Kent reported the case of a vulnerable couple targeted in a £4,000 gardening scam.

Police advise residents to refrain from buying at the door and not to buckle to pressure from sales people offering supposedly one off buy-it-now ‘low prices’.
In Essex, there was a recent burglary very soon after a visit from one of their sellers.

The police say this would indicate these con artists are possibly using the excuse of door-to-door selling to get a closer look at properties with a view to identifying suitable properties in the Essex area to burgle.

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