Eight Nigerian fraudsters

Posted: May 21, 2012 in Law & Disorder

Three Jobcentre civil servants, who were ringleaders of a £1.7m scam involving at least 1,767 bogus claims for maternity benefit, tax credit and jobseekers allowance, were jailed for a total of twenty-three years.

They used their authorised access to the Department of Work and Pensions (DWP) database to research claimants all over the country and make multiple fraudulent claims on their behalf.

Anthony Ekajeh, 48, of Pinewood Avenue, Rainham received 10 years
Fiayo Akinwumiju, 35, of Brighton Road, Coulsdon received 7½ years and
Olufemi Kehinde, 47, of Bollo Bridge Road, Acton received 5½ years.

Three other gang members, who were not employed by the Jobcentre and have jumped bail each received five years. Why are foreign criminals given bail it’s as plain as the nose on your face they are going to scarper, after all they have over a £1m stashed away!

Folahan Akinwumiju, 34, of Narev Court, Cedar Avenue, Enfield
Charles Okedare, 40, of Barass Close, Enfield
Wale Akande, 45, of Lovett Way, Willesden.

A seventh defendant, Akinmayowe Aiyeola, 46, of Primrose Lane, Croydon received 6½ years,
Eighth fraudster Kelvin Akhigbe, 37, of Chapel Close, Grays received 12 months.

All eight defendants are Nigerian who have been either granted full British citizenship or the right to permanently reside in the UK and have fathered at least 18 children between them.

Shed loads of claims were made for Sure Start Maternity Grants (SSMG) a one-off £500 payment to help persons on benefits or low income to buy clothes or equipment for their new baby.
A total of 1,562 bogus SSMG claims were made, plus 205 false claims to HMRC for tax credits and a lesser amount of jobseeker claims, totalling £4,515.

The civil servants were all at executive officer grade and Ekajeh worked at Dagenham Jobcentre, Akinwumiju at Crawley and Kehinde at Fulham.


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