Chugging Cancer Research UK…..

Posted: May 21, 2012 in Broken Britain, Law & Disorder
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….. leave us alone!

There’s nothing annoys me or Mrs ‘W’ more than some ‘herbert’ jumping out of nowhere when you’re out shopping then walking backwards in front of you to bully you into paying some weekly amount by direct debit into whatever charity they are chugging for. These chuggers are normally mob handed when they are about harassing people for money.

It’s particularly annoying when you realise most of the money you hand over goes to pay the ‘chuggers’ who harass you in the first place. I’ve noticed recently some councils are asking the government for more powers to ban them from our city streets.

Anyway these modern parasites of our streets seem to have changed their modus operandi in anticipation of the new powers being sought by local councils.

Tonight, Monday, Mrs ‘W’ went to answer a knocking on our door to be confronted by a chugger now apparently turned doorknocker. This particular specimen was a young blonde ‘bird’ in a blue fleece emblazoned with ‘Cancer Research UK’ who started straightaway with her spiel to try and get Mrs ‘W’ to part with £2 a week by direct debit for Cancer Research UK presumably to pay for her wages for knocking on our door at dinner time in the first place.

So much for my Money Saving Expert ‘No Cold Caller’ sign clearly on display on our front window.

Luckily Mrs’W’ didn’t fall for the chugger/doorknocker’s load of cobblers and the blonde ‘bird’ cleared off without our bank details. What concerns me is just up the ‘frog and toad’ (road) there are some old people living in bungalows who are probably going to be more susceptible to the chugger/doorknockers spiel.


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