Asma Rathore becomes deputy mayor of Luton

Posted: May 18, 2012 in Law & Disorder
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Remember my blogs about Mrs Asma Rathore, a cousin of Ashar Ali Rathore, he’s the geezer who was convicted of attempting to breach immigration laws in Luton, Bedfordshire and went to prison for his crimes. He was then deported with a backhander which he used to set up a visa agency in Pakistan.

Mrs Asma Rathore sister Shagufta Siddique who lives at the same address in Luton has a confiscation order of £162,000 for benefit fraud.
Another cousin of Mrs Rathore, Zafar Subhani, has scarpered and is wanted by the police. Ashar Ali Rathore’s wife, Nadia Qadri, who is also related to Asma Rathore was sentenced to 8 months for her part in sham marriages.

Anway Asmar Rathore was elected Labour councillor for the Saints Ward, Luton last year.
She then escaped being thrown out of the Labour Party for not revealing her relatives were fraudsters in the run-up to last year’s local elections, apparently she “did not realise” she had to reveal that information.

Guess what, she has been selected as the new Deputy Mayor of Luton.

Illegal workers, 900 raids 700 arrests

IlieA new Government database is being flooded with members of the public grassing up businesses using illegal workers even though the site hasn’t been publicly launched yet.

Calls are being received at the rate of one every six minutes the equivalent of 100,000 allegations every year. The calls are not from time wasters either in only a few months the UKBA have carried out 900 separate raids and secured 700 arrests.

Between mid-December and the end of March this year, approximately 25,600 allegations or 230 every day were received and passed on to the National Allegations database.


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