KCC leader’s allowances paid to wrong man

Posted: May 16, 2012 in Broken Britain, General
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This made me laugh, Kent County Council (KCC) leader Paul Carter’s allowances of £21,398 for a period of seven months were paid by mistake to a maintenance fitter with the same name who worked at Aylesford Commercial Services Depot who then scarpered.

The council said the employee left the UK and it had been unable to trace him, reports say he is in eastern Europe probably Ukraine.

The payments were made in error to the maintenance man, then aged 54, from September 2007 to March 2008. KCC kept that quiet didn’t they, four years before it hit the headlines no wonder they can’t trace him.

Apparently a member of staff inadvertently entered a change of bank details from leader Paul Carter on to Commercial Services Paul Carter’s record.

It was discovered in April 2008 when the council leader’s secretary in his private office noticed that his overdraft was near its limit.

KCC said that as soon as the error was identified, it deducted £769 from maintenance man Paul Carter’s net monthly salary of £1,600, but was unable to recover the rest of the money because he resigned and left the country. He got £1,600 a month whilst the other geezer gets £3,000 a month in allowances as well has his wages no wonder council tax is high.

KCC say they will undertake to fully recover any overpayment made via the payroll regardless of whether the individual remains employed or not. If this black and white blurred picture of the other Paul Carter is all they have to identify him by they will be after that money for a very long time.

I wonder how much of taxpayers money will be spent trying to get the money from a bloke in Ukraine who has probably spent it all by now. Talk about chucking good money after bad.


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