A foster mother was nearly stabbed to death by a foreign teenager placed in her care.

Christine Mackay lost four pints of blood after being savagely attacked with a kitchen knife as she slept by a foreign teenager who had been placed in her care by social services
The teenager, housed with her just three days after arriving in the UK illegally and with no identification papers, was last month sentenced to 14 years for attempted murder.

Although he claimed to be 15 at the time of the attack, police sources now believe he may have been at least 18.
The teenager was brought to her home near Milton Keynes, Buckinghamshire, he had been picked up in the town by police and claimed to be a 15-year-old Palestinian called Aziz Achaheb-Cedar. His apparent nationality suggested he had a strong case for asylum.

It emerged at his trial that he had also stated his name was David Maria-Garcia from Morocco. As an unaccompanied minor, Milton Keynes social services department was obliged to find him accommodation.

Within a month he had tried to steal Mrs Mackay’s car and attempted to hang himself. She told authorities she wanted to end the placement, but was persuaded to continue.
By late September the youth’s behaviour had deteriorated further. “I was frightened of him,” Mrs Mackay said. “He was looking at me like he wanted to kill me. I rang up and said that I did not feel safe in my own home.”

Social services agreed to re-home the teenager, but he disappeared two days later. After two weeks he returned, breaking in, taking a four-inch knife from the dishwasher and attacking Mrs Mackay as she slept at 2.15am.
She said: “I grabbed the blade and just refused to let go of it. He tried to pull it away from me and in doing so he cut through 40% of the tendons in my hands and almost severed a thumb.” The youth fled when Mrs Mackay screamed.

Police are still trying to determine the youth’s origins so he can be deported after his sentence. Methinks he won’t be going anywhere after his sentence.

Googling this scrote who stabbed the woman I found this item dated 27th Feb 2012, it appears that this dangerous person of unknown origin couldn’t even be detained in a secure mental health unit.

“Three patients described as dangerous have escaped from a secure mental health unit in south London. Danhi Smith, Ajay Jethwa and David Garcia-Maria also known as Aziz Achaheb-Cedar absconded from an adolescent unit at the Bethlem Hospital on Sunday. The men are believed to pose a danger both to themselves and others”.

More illegal workers caught

I’m beginning to think Bangladesh and Pakistan must be devoid of people judging by how many are caught in our country working illegally.

Five more are in detention awaiting removal from the country following a UK Border Agency raid on Taste of Lahore restaurant, Station Road, Harrow at 20:00hrs on Friday 4th May. Five in one restaurant must be nigh on all the staff.
The five men, all aged between 19 and 30, were arrested for immigration offences four were from Pakistan, the other from Bangladesh.


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