Water leaks not to be fixed

Posted: May 8, 2012 in Broken Britain, Environment
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Chucking down with rain for weeks but a hose pipe ban in place and threat of stand pipes on our streets for next year. Have you noticed though there are no long term plans to relieve the water shortages. It is in fact as though water is just a commodity to sell rather than a liquid vital for life, civilisations have been wiped out because of lack of water.

Unbelievably it has been announced half of water companies will not be required to reduce their leakages before 2015 despite the country’s worst drought in 25 years.
Ofwat said eight out of 21 water companies had been set zero reduction of leaks targets to 2014/15.
The firms include Yorkshire Water, which failed to meet its 2010/11 targets and as a result was required to spend an additional £33m on leak repairs.
The regulator has revealed water companies across England and Wales leaked more than 3.3 billion litres a day in 2010/11.


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