Penguin beats LibDems and Green Party in election

Posted: May 5, 2012 in General

I’ve always maintained that if every person who can’t be bothered to vote in General elections turned out on election day and voted for an underdog the government of this country would be totally changed overnight with party politics going out the window.

This is because we are at the point where more people don’t vote than do vote. In this weeks’ council elections turnout was 32% of those eligible to vote.

Here’s a recent case of what can be done, a council candidate dressed as a penguin called Professor Pongoo received more votes than the Liberal Democrats and Green Party in Edinburgh in this weeks council elections.

Professor Pongoo, real name Mike Ferrigan, was an independent candidate who had pledged to wear the penguin outfit to every council meeting if he was elected.

As results came in, Professor Pongoo polled 444 votes, beating the Liberal Democrats’ 370 and the Green party candidate’s 322 in the bid for Pental Hills Ward for the City of Edinburgh council.

Talking about odd goings on in our recent council elections

The Conservatives put up a candidate with the same name as the sitting Labour councillor.
When voters went to the polls in Great Bridge, West Mids, they were faced with a choice between only two candidates – Derek Rowley (Lab) and Derek Rowley (Cons).
Both are old, balding, grey hair, with bins (glasses) and live half a mile apart in the ward which has been Labour since 1974.
The Labour bloke has been on the local council for eight years but the Toff/Tories man has no experience of standing for office and apparently hasn’t even voted for ten years. Maybe he should have dressed up as a panda and increased his vote seeing how he failed miserably with this scam

  1. Howard Thomas says:

    Bloody shame that he didn’t win!

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