UKBA can’t be bothered

Posted: April 18, 2012 in British jobs for British workers, Broken Britain, Law & Disorder
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Remember Ashar Ali Rathore he’s the geezer who was convicted of attempting to breach immigration laws in Luton, Bedfordshire and went to prison for his crimes but only served a fraction of his sentence.

He was then deported with a backhander which he used to set up a visa agency in Kotli, Azad Kashmir, Pakistan in order to facilitate the granting of visas to individuals for them to enter the United Kingdom.

Also there’s his cousin Mrs Asma Rathore, who stood as a local candidate for the Labour Party in the Saints Ward, Luton, whose sister Shagufta Siddique was convicted of housing benefit fraud.

Anyway my informant in Luton tells me that a cousin of Ashar Ali Rathore has come over with a dodgy British passport. Apparently this cousin came across from Pakistan a few years ago and pretended to be somebodys son in order to get a British passport.

The couple pretending to be his parents are in fact his uncle and auntie who have British passports. His real parents are in Pakistan and do not have British passports.

This geezer has come over to England in the last few days and my informant, a concerned citizen, informed the Home Office giving all the relevant info to stop this illegal person but alas even with all the info they failed to intercept him at the airport.

With the Olympics coming up a person who travels back and forth between Pakistan, where terrorists are being trained, and the UK on a falsely obtained passport you would think it was cause for concern for UKBA certainly for the British public.

Alas the Home Office have no such concern they told my contact that they “would catch up with him the next time he came over to England”. Hmmm, couldn’t catch him with all the where and when information but expect to catch him if he tries to enter again. Perhaps the illegal has no plans to leave and return anyway.

Apparently the reason given why UKBA have to wait until next time is that they did not know if he had come across on his Pakistani or British passport.

Here’s someone helping foreigners to stay in the UK to work illegally

A former college principle who ran a ‘one stop shop’ to help immigrants stay in the UK illegally has been jailed following an investigation by UKBA. At least they’ve done something about this scrote.

Kaushiklal Gor, 50, owned a company called Gateway 2UK between 2003 and July 2009 which was run out of his home address in Sycamore Avenue in South Ealing. Gor, an Indian national, advertised Gateway 2UK as an immigration law advice business, even though his application to become a registered immigration law advisor had been turned down.

Gor was later found to have acted on behalf of a number of students from India, Nepal and Sri Lanka, many of whom applied for visas indicating that they had been offered courses at the Gateway 2UK Educational College, which Gor also ran.

He assisted them with visa application forms, appeals, and on a small number of occasions even represented them at appeal hearings. At the same time Gor also worked as a contract manager for the Adecco employment agency, supplying staff to work in bakeries in Greenford and Southall, west London.

He would use students supposedly in the UK to study at his college to provide labour at the bakeries, routinely making them work well in excess of the 20 hours a week permitted by law.
Those who questioned this or refused to work the hours Gor asked were sometimes warned they would face the tin tack (sack).

Gor was arrested by UKBA West London Criminal and Financial Investigation team at his home address on 22nd March 2010. He was later charged and on 14th March 2012 he pleaded guilty to assisting in breaches of immigration law and illegally providing immigration advice following a hearing at Isleworth crown court.

On Thursday 12th April a judge at the same court sentenced him to 16 months in prison.

An undercover investigation by BBC Newsnight exposed the fraud at the heart of the student visa system. The programme was able to buy two bogus visa documents which would have virtually guaranteed entry to the UK. One cost £200, the other just £150.


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