Grave space running out

Posted: April 16, 2012 in Broken Britain, General, NHS WATCH
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Council chiefs in parts of Kent admit they are short of places to bury the ‘brown bread’ (dead). Perhaps that is why Kent are making it hard to get death certificates so they can have more time to clear a space somewhere.

Authorities in Gravesham, Swale and Shepway admitted some cemeteries had little space left and measures were being taken to try and either extend existing land or find new suitable sites.

Apparently due to strict rules surrounding such development it is proving hard to do although there doesn’t seem a shortage of green fields to build houses for all the millions of foreigners who have descended on our country.

A spokesman for Gravesham Borough Council said it was “extremely difficult” to build a new cemetery. “It takes many years, therefore at Northfleet and Gravesend we’ve been running out of burial space for a while”.

To get around this they have reconfigured pathways through the cemeteries to extend its capacity otherwise Gravesend cemetery would already be full. There is probably around two years capacity left in Gravesend with the current measures in place.

Shepway council said there was “very little” grave space left on Romney Marsh.

In Swale, investigations into finding alternative grave sites on the Isle of Sheppey are underway as burial space continues to dwindle.

In Thanet the council calculated when it would run out of space at its two cemeteries in Margate and Ramsgate so proposals have been agreed to allow for further extensions in the space currently available.

Two years ago, council chiefs in Dover were forced to find new land for graves.

Town hall chiefs in Ashford said the authority was currently reviewing cemetery provision to establish what was needed from 2018 onwards.

In Dartford, burial space has been included in the council’s core strategy to ensure new sites are located and agreed before the need becomes critical.

Have you guessed what’s wrong with the patient yet?

The NHS trust that runs University College London Hospitals has set up a company called Radiology Reporting Online so they can send scans to Australia to be examined.
This means patients being treated out-of-hours in Britain are having their conditions diagnosed by clinicians 10,000 miles away who haven’t even had a butcher’s hook’ (look) at the patients


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