Baa baa black sheep

Posted: April 8, 2012 in Broken Britain, General, Law & Disorder

Here listen to this, Park Hill School, a private primary school in Kingston upon Thames, southwest London, have decided to politically correct the old nursery rhyme Baa baa black sheep to Baa baa little sheep can you Adam and Eve that.

The earliest publication date for the “Baa, baa black sheep” rhyme or poem is dated 1744. Music was first published for “Baa, baa black sheep” was in the early nineteenth century making it into a song for children.

Anyway this school for tiny toffs, ages ranging from two to seven, said they changed the words as an educational aid. What a load of old cobblers they changed it because they are frightened to say black sheep just in case some lunatic do-gooder says they are being racist.

Most of the parents saw for what it was political correctness running wild.

BBC recycle bear bit?

After all these years I expect BBC to fill their tv schedules with repeats but recycling previously shown video clips from another programme to pad out a new programme that’s taking the p*ss.

I’m referring to BBC’s two nighter ‘Land of the lost wolves’ which was about wolves making a come back in north west USA around Seattle slipping across the Canadian border and heading south into the land of the free to repopulate the Cascade Mountains.

During the second part shown Friday night Gordon Buchanan, the ‘sweaty sock ‘(jock) Scottish wildlife film-maker, is shown filming a bear by the side of a river, a clip I’m sure I’ve seen during his programme he made about spending a year with bears.

Swimmer disrupting boat race.

Did you see the boat race where some Australian called Trenton Oldfield, his parents must have resented him being born giving him a name like that, an anti-elitism activist disrupted the University boat race between Oxford and Cambridge by swimming in the River Thames.

Luckily for the me and Mrs ‘W’ we had taped it so we were able to fast forward through the half hour or so bit where the boats were ‘fannying’ about rowing in circles.

At the time I thought the geezer was going to be an illegal immigrant entering the country the hard way, hanging from the stern of a boat, that’s the blunt end if you are not boat orientated. Well they do hang underneath lorries don’t they.

Did you notice after Oxford’s Hanno Wienhausen, must be the day for silly christian names, oar broke one of the commentators said Oxford should have stopped rowing so the race would go down as not finished rather than a win for Cambridge. That’s not very British is it, mind you most of the rowers seem to be foreigners these days perhaps it’s the rowers equivalent of football players diving.


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