Boris Johnson fiddles pollution figures?

Posted: April 2, 2012 in BIG BROTHER, Broken Britain

‘Boris Johnson fiddles pollution monitoring’ when I first heard about this on Sunday I thought it was an April 1st joke so I waited until Monday but there it was in the linen draper (newspaper) it is true.

Apparently his solution to the polluting of London is to use “dust suppressants” to keep down pollution near where official monitoring is carried out so it appears there is no pollution in London.

A sticky salt spray to trap dust and pollution is being applied daily to areas around 15 sites in London where official monitors measure the levels of pollution are located. A great selling point if you happen to be selling your house in one of these areas – NPM – near pollution monitoring.
Mind you he is saving millions of taxpayers money because the EU dish out fines of tens of millions pounds to those cities which do not make the targets. Never mind people’s health, particularly old people, as they breathe in tiny particles of soot and dust. I remember the smog in the 60’s when we used to get sent home from school as a thick smog descended on our area. Quite a few elderly died during this period where I lived , survived the blitz to be killed by filth from factories and power stations, they had to resort to wearing masks when they went out.

Shame on you Boris, fix the problem not fiddle the monitors.

Big Brother Britain

Britain, every word you speak, every word you text and every word you email to be monitored, logged, correlated, stored and then those personal details used against you if the government desires.
No need to fret though strict regulations will be in force so no outside agencies can use the data.
A bit like the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency then or is it. It has come to light that DVLA sold over 7,000 details of drivers to a company called Observices Parking Consultancy run by a convicted criminal.

It seems that DVLA have found themselves a nice little earner selling 4.85 million driver’s personal details over the last 5 years earning themselves £20.8million.


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