No digital television

Posted: March 27, 2012 in Broken Britain, General

I’m pig sick of this digital tv malarkey, the Weller tv hasn’t been able to get digital on a continuous basis for well over a week now. Mind you we’ve never been able to get BBC digital so we’ve suffered with a pony and trap (crap) analogue picture.

When the Weller household got a digital tv with built in freeview we still were unable to get digital BBC, a bad omen for June when we are supposedly going over to digital with the only BBC signal we can get being turned off.

So these last couple of weeks has really miffed us as we have not been able to get any digital signal at all other than for a few hours during the day. I think for our tv’s sake it’s lucky we have double glazing otherwise the television would have been thrown through the window but have you ever thrown something against a double glazed window it has the habit of bouncing off and hitting the thrower on the bonce, ouch.

A Freeview spokesman has said: The unusually high atmospheric pressure occurring at present can affect all wireless communications, including analogue and digital signals. In warm weather, the sun heats up the ground and the warm air gets trapped underneath the colder air above. This creates a layer that is in effect a mirror for television signals – meaning signals you would not normally receive can cause pixilation, garbled sound and even a blank screen. At least he didn’t come out with the old chestnut “global warming”

Apparently homes on the coast can be particularly affected as they can get interference from continental broadcasts. Well me old china, Britain has a bleeding great long coastline and that means a lot of tvs are affected. So what happens in June when our county switches over to digital because some clown at the BBC has decided to turn off analogue signals?

The so called experts say high pressure should have less of an effect after this has happened as the digital signal will be boosted which helps to counteract interference by ignoring any reflected digital signals. That’s all very well but we have no digital BBC signal at all so boosting it can only bring it to the level of the digital signals we are at present unable to get because of sunny weather. What happens in hot countries don’t they have tv?

Mind you the government will see the problem as a matter of urgency because television is a medium to brainwash the public and keep them off the streets. Those last summer rioters will be pretty annoyed if they don’t get a decent picture on those looted televisions and what with the dry weather, lack of water, police and fire brigade cuts it’s the ingredients for our cities to be set alight – flaming June.


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