Marmite get rich scheme

Posted: March 21, 2012 in British jobs for British workers, General, Law & Disorder

Want to make shed loads of dosh very quickly, get all the marmite you can and ship it to New Zealand where it is going for nearly 2,000 dollars a jar nearly £1,000 in our money.

Apparently an announcement by New Zealand’s leading manufacturer of the sandwich spread, Marmite, has sparked panic buying as people start to hoard marmite.
Food company Sanitarium said on its website that supplies “are starting to run out nationwide” after “our Christchurch factory was closed due to earthquake damage”.

Sanitarium said that they “are currently working hard” to get their only Marmite factory in New Zealand “up and running” in July. The company closed the factory in November.
The Prime Minister John Key said he is rationing his personal supply to having a bit every other day, I think he was talking about marmite.

Chelsea grenade

First we had Chelsea’s Ashley Cole shooting a player with an air rifle, he got off because he apologised to his victim, now some Chelsea youth player decided to lob a smoke grenade into the dressing room, well it was the reserve-team dressing room so that’s not too bad as it didn’t mess up any first team players hair-do.

The incident, which took place on March 2nd, led to a full evacuation of Chelsea’s training facility in Cobham.

Former Sheffield United trainee Mellis, 21, was given the ‘tin tack’ (sack) after a full and thorough investigation.

It is understood that Mellis set off the grenade, which was brought into the dressing room by Billy Clifford, 19, after a paintball session.

At the time of the incident terrified players and staff members ran from the building, with fire marshals later brought in.

Bad news from the Channel Islands

The price of DVDs, cosmetics, books and contact lenses is expected to rocket after April 1st when a tax loophole closes.

Chancellor George Osborne gave the kiss off death for cut-price goods from the Channel Islands in last year’s Budget when he announced goods under £15 would no longer be exempt from VAT from April 1st this year.

So you better start snapping up those online bargains before prices jump 20%.

Has that Jumbo Jet to India left yet as there’s another load of Indians to be shipped back.

Ten illegal immigrants have been caught in Leicester after raids on three addresses on 14th March.
UKBA officers arrested three Indian men, aged 24, 27 and 33, at a property in Meynell Road; two Indian men, 26 and 48, at a property in Thurlby Road, five men from Afghanistan at a property in Maynard Road and a partridge in a pear tree.

None of those arrested had the right to remain in the UK. Some had overstayed their visas while others had entered the country illegally or were failed asylum seekers.

Eight of the men were detained while action is taken to deport them. The remaining two were temporarily released on immigration bail, they say temporarily because they know those illegals will scarper the first chance they get.


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