Force unemployed into nonexistent jobs

Posted: March 11, 2012 in Broken Britain

The ‘pony and trap’ (crap) that comes out of politicians north and south (mouth).
This time it’s Liam Byrne the shadow work and pension secretary. He wants to be tougher on individuals who live off benefits. He says unemployed people who are able to work should be forced to take a job or lose their benefit.

Now let’s see now at least 3 million out of work but only a few 100,000 vacant jobs mostly requiring some sort of qualification or skill.
He also seems to have forgotten it was the Labour government that allowed over 3 million migrants to enter our country to take nearly all the newly created jobs.

This made me laugh, two news statements from the UKBA website

IlieUK Border Agency website satisfaction survey – “tell us what you think. We are keen to hear what you think about our new website. Please take a few minutes to complete our survey”.

Apply online’ service in the UK is currently unavailable Our ‘Apply online’ service for applicants in the UK is currently unavailable while we carry out essential maintenance.

You’ve answered your own question, your website is crap me old china plate (mate).


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