I see unburied people

Posted: March 5, 2012 in Broken Britain

We’ve all seen that the Government’s austerity measures are affecting the elderly, sick and hard up rather than the rich who get some lawyer in a suit to get around these austerity measures by such loop holes as getting a company to pay your wages to avoid tax.
People such as ‘Red’ Ken Livingstone, who used the loophole to avoid £50,000 in tax.

Companies House documents show that Labour’s London mayoral candidate earned £232,000 in 2009, the first year after his defeat to Boris Johnson. The money was earned from personal appearances, speech making and hosting a radio show.

It was paid into a personal company set up by Mr Livingstone and Emma Beal, his then partner who is now his wife. The pair are sole shareholders in the company, Silveta Ltd.
This ensures that ‘Red Ken’ paid corporation tax at 20 or 21 %, rather than income tax at up to 40%. Pretty cute for a so called ‘man of the people’ eh?

Anyway I digress, Kent County Council austerity measures have gone one further, not only are they hitting the hard up they are also hitting the recently bereaved and the dead.

Bereaved families are being forced to wait for weeks on end to bury or cremate their deceased loved ones because a new death registry service introduced as part of cost-saving measures at County Hall has gone ‘tits up’.

Problems started in January when the death registration process was moved from Register Offices to libraries in a bid to save Kent County Council £350,000 a year. That’s an odd thing to do in itself considering libraries all around the country are being shut down to save money.

In the two months since this cockeyed idea was introduced it has been found that not enough staff have been trained leading to some people waiting for up to four weeks to bury their dead. Not enough staff equals not enough appointments available so bodies are piling up in undertakers waiting for some librarian to issue a piece of paper so the dead can be buried or cremated.

That’s not all, not enough death certificate issuing librarians mean bereaved people are having to travel all over the county to get a death certificate rather than wait a month for an appointment in a library where the obviously upset recently bereaved person usually old and frail – due to the nature of death normally striking the elderly – has to sit upset whilst people returning books reach over them or as in our library council officials are also dealing with joe public who have got some sort of council related problem.

Let’s face it travelling for miles over the county using not fit for purpose public transport , heading for parts unknown, upset about the death of your loved one what are the chances of forgetting to bring a vital document along enabling some smug death certificate issuing librarian saying “sorry dear” we can’t issue it today you’ll have to make another appointment.

Mind you if someone gets the ball rolling and a civil disobedience movement starts up with people refusing to go to a library to register a death, bodies will start to mount up and the heartless KCC will have to think of some other way of saving that money. Perhaps stop letting their high paid executives retire in their early fifties with a big fat taxpayer funded pension rather than their late sixties like the rest of us.


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