62-year-old tv goes digital

Posted: March 1, 2012 in Broken Britain, NHS WATCH

When this changing to digital television marlarkey first came about the impression given by those advertising the event appeared to be that there was nothing you could do but throw away your old tv set and buy a new digital tv. The informational advert for tv signal going digital said that your old tv would not get a picture after the changeover date for your area. Which suggest that your tv is now not any good, an impression not denied by those involved in the changeover, perhaps television manufacturers had bunged someone in authority shed loads of cash to give that impression.

When it became clear that the elderly would not have a tv picture because they couldn’t afford a digital tv, now modern tv technology has pushed the price of tv to between £300 and £2,000, it became clear that a small digital box costing £19.99 would do the job, available free to those elderly and disabled people who fit the bill as hard up.

The number of people who threw their old tvs down the tip must have been in the 100,000s. Only a few weeks ago I saw a neighbour a few doors down take a few old tv’s out of their house and sling them in the back of a van obviously heading for the local tip.

Anyway some geezer in Whitstable, Kent, has converted his 62-year-old television to digital, well done that man. TV manufacturers stick that in your pipe and smoke it.
FULL STORY from Kent Online

Abuse of elderly

IlieBARNSLEY. A night nurse who failed to care for a dying woman faces being kicked out of the profession after being found guilty of misconduct. Eileen Worton, 64, did not carry out basic observations or ensure the frail 74-year-old received enough fluids when she complained of nausea and began retching.

Ah well this neglect won’t happen any more because according to senior NHS managers disciplinary action will be taken against doctors, nurses and carers who use the terms “dear” or “chuck” when addressing their patients. Apparently, according to the experts, that is what causes neglect, abuse, malnutrition and early deaths of our elderly in hospitals and care homes.


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