Motorists mugged off

Posted: February 21, 2012 in Broken Britain, Environment

I often point out how Joe Public is being mugged out of as much money as the Government and local councils can get away with. They think the public exists solely to make money for them and their big corporation mates. I once wrote an article called ‘Farming People’ which shows how people are being farmed for money.

Anyway once again it’s the motorists being farmed for money. Councils, railway stations, supermarkets and private car parks are making parking bays smaller than the five feet eleven inches minimum established by the Department for Transport.

Obviously the smaller the parking bay the more parking bays can be marked out in car parks and the more revenue can be raised in parking charges. However it doesn’t stop there.
Whilst the car park attendants ball and chalk (walk) around their car park patches trying to catch non-payers they also are issuing £100 fines to motorists who straddle the parking bay lines.

Cars are getting bigger consequently they don’t fit these reduced parking bays so these straddling line fines have become a nice little earner.

Wyre council in Lancashire, has told motorists that if their cars cross the lines separating the bays they will be expected to buy two tickets. How often do you see two empty bays next to each other in a car park?

Residents in Chiswick, west London, were fined because their cars were too wide to fit into the bay.

Councils such as Hackney, West Dorset and Merton have gone out of their way to shorten some of the bays.

It is estimated that cars now are 16% wider than they were 40 years ago.

According to Norman Baker, the local transport minister, councils need to be given the right to limit the width of the bays. So carte blanche for councils to screw as much money as they can from local motorists, I suppose they have to get the money somewhere for their council executives’ massive obscene wage packets.

It’s official the south east of England is now in a state of drought.

I’ve always reckoned that to know the past is to know the future, I probably read it in some book.

As the past shows ancient civilisations have been wiped out by lack of water usually because of some population explosion, too many people for the annual rainfall. Not enough water to grow plants, not enough food for the people to eat equals death.

The rainfall in Britain is probably just as it was centuries ago, read the Saxon Chronicles, drought and floods happened at regular intervals.

Therefore to allow millions of people to enter the country in the last century is sure to create a shortage of water. Even as I write this a 1,000 new homes are being planned near me even though we regularly have water restrictions. A thousand more washing machines, a thousand more people having showers/baths, all those toilet flushes, all that washing up it can only make the shortage of water more acute.

We had a warning during the drought of 1976, some rivers and groundwater levels are lower than during that drought.

So what am I waffling on about, well I’ll tell you. All this talk about drought over the last few decades not once have I heard or read any mention of desalination plants to solve the coming disaster.

Yet in India, that’s the country we chuck shed loads of foreign aid money at, they have had a solar run desalination plant for years.

Forget wind farms they are now being seen for what they are, expensive, inefficient but money spinners for those who build them. Desalination plants is the way to go before it’s too late and we end up paying France to pump water into the UK.


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