Whitney Houston advert gaff

Posted: February 20, 2012 in Broken Britain, General, Law & Disorder

I see Channel 5 jumped on the bandwagon with a programme about the death of Whitney Houston but unfortunately the advert for that programme was followed by a Wonga advert declaring “she looks better in a body bag”. Perhaps someone at Channel 5 is working their notice.

More news from the House of Rathore, that’s the household that includes a sham marriage gang, one of whom was given £1500 as a sweetener to leave the country after coming out of prison and a Labour councillor relative who failed to declare she had any family connections to the gang. Click on images to enlarge, it makes them readable.

Olympics Rip-off

Thousands of spectators will be charged to watch the Olympics on giant double-sided screens being floated on a pontoon in the River Lea. The banks around it will be landscaped into a bowl shape where spectators can sit after paying a £10 entrance fee probably to some eastern European being employed as a ticket issuer.

Never mind the fact that the taxpayers footed the £7.25b bill for the site in the first place and now must pay to enter the park to watch the Olympics because they couldn’t get any tickets as they have been distributed to fat cats around the world.

The rip-off doesn’t stop there

It has come to light that spectators will have to pay to watch road cycling on Box Hill, Surrey. Large expanses of land have been cleared to allow 15,000 people to watch from the sidelines and Locog are considering charging to watch that too, despite it being held being on National Trust land.

There’s more

In Weymouth, Olympic officials will also fence off part of the Dorset coastline to stop those without sailing tickets from watching. Temporary walls will stop residents and holidaymakers looking out to sea and even block the views from some homes and holiday accommodation.

Long-haired ladies beware.

Hairdressers are paying £150 for 20 inch plaits of long hair to be used for hair extensions by ‘glamour pusses’ who want instant long hair. How long before some moronic criminal decides to creep up behind some woman displaying a ponytail and cut it off to sell for drugs.
Ladies keep those ponytails out of sight, under your hat or your jacket. Might even apply to those male heavy metal fans too.

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