Fleeing illegals hail cab

Posted: February 7, 2012 in British jobs for British workers, Law & Disorder

Illegal workers normally leg it out the back door when UK Border Agency come calling but two of them decided to hail a cab to make their escape.

Officers from the UK Border Agency’s Essex and Herts local immigration team, supported by Herts Police Safer Neighbourhoods officers, visited Zafrani in Hatfield Heath at 20:10 on Thursday 2nd February.

As they entered the premises, six members of staff fled. Three of them were collared on the premises and one only got outside the front of the restaurant before being nicked, but two made good their escape by hailing a cab.

Officers provided the men’s descriptions to Essex Police, who called up a helicopter to track the fleeing illegal workers. The taxi was then tracked for nearly 35 miles to Tilbury. Essex Police traffic officers were able to stop the vehicle and the men were taken into custody – after they had paid the £60 taxi fare. I suppose the cab driver wasn’t given a tip seeing how his passengers were caught.

UK Border Agency officer Lorna Williams, who led the operation, said:
“The two men were instantly recognisable in this cold weather because both were in their shirt sleeves”. Obviously hasn’t been to a Newcastle football game where some of the fans stand shirtless for a couple of hours in very cold weather.

She went on; “These two probably thought they had got away, but we have an excellent working relationship with all our local police forces and they were more than happy to help us bring the men in. Ultimately, the men could have saved themselves a cold night and £60 if they had just come quietly.” Mind you they wouldn’t have been nabbed if the helicopter hadn’t been put in the air, probably would have gone straight to another restaurant where they could carry on working illegally.

Checks on the six men revealed that five of them were visa overstayers from Bangladesh and one had a valid student visa.

Earlier the same evening, officers arrested a 20-year-old Bangladeshi visa overstayer when they raided Cafe Masala in London Road, Bishop’s Stortford.


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