John Terry in court.

Posted: February 2, 2012 in Broken Britain, Law & Disorder

As the great footballer Jimmy Greaves once said “football is a funny old game”
It certainly seems so these days. The latest is the strange reaction to incidents on the football pitch.

Chelsea, England captain John Terry was yesterday (Weds) ordered to stand trial in July accused of racially abusing footballer Anton Ferdinand. Terry, 31, allegedly called the Queens Park Rangers defender a ‘f******* black c***’ six minutes from full-time during a Barclays Premier League clash with Chelsea on October 23rd last year.

You’re not telling me that doesn’t happen a lot during football games all over the country at different levels it certainly does on our late night streets. Any televised match at the weekends will certainly show a string of expletives pouring forth from players mouths aimed at match officials and players all easily lipread. Unsavoury perhaps but warranting a court case?

In the match between Manchester City and Tottenham on 22nd January Mario Balotelli stamped on Scott Parker’s head. Balotelli received a four match ban but do that on the street outside a nightclub and you will surely be bundled into a police meat wagon and charged with assault.

In the same match Man City’s Joleon Lescott forearm smashed Younes Kaboul in the face, no action was taken. Walk up to some stranger in the street and smash them in the face and you will end up in court for an assault charge.

During last weekend’s game between Arsenal against Aston Villa Arsenal’s Robin van Persie clearly looked at Villa player Carlos Cuellar before he launched himself at him striking Cuellar in the face with an elbow. No action was taken for this particular violent action on a football pitch. I would show you the video but it has been taken off the internet for some reason.

Elbows and feet will break players bones but name calling will end up in court.


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