The Illegally Working Seven

Posted: February 1, 2012 in British jobs for British workers, Law & Disorder

Seven people have been arrested following a UK Border Agency raid on MAC RK Precision Engineering Ltd on the Bridge Road industrial estate, Southall on Thursday 26 January.

Of the twenty staff on site, seven were arrested for immigration offences: four Pakistani men, two Indian men and an Indian woman.

Five were working in breach of their visa conditions, whilst two were in the country illegally having overstayed their visas.

All seven illegals are now in detention and awaiting their removal from the UK.

If the USA can stop people they deem undesirable from entering their country with no concern for human rights brouhaha why don’t we have the testicular fortitude to do the same.

Remember yesterday I reported the Americans threw out a British couple because of tweets they had made.

Here in the United Kingdom of suckers a Lithuanian charged with battering a retired couple to death in their home was found to be a violent criminal who had already been kicked out of the UK once yet he appears to stroll in and out of our country at will with or without a passport.

Rimvydas Liorancas, 37, who was awaiting trial for murdering Carole and Avtar Kolar with a lump hammer, was found hanged in his prison cell on Saturday.

He had twice made his way into the UK illegally, on the second occasion without a passport.

Apparently he had:

Roamed Europe committing crimes for at least ten years;
First entered the UK while on the run from a prison sentence;
Entered the UK even after a warrant had been issued across Europe for his arrest;
Lived in Britain for almost a year before he was found and sent back to Lithuania;
Slipped back into Britain last year despite having no passport and a string of convictions.

The British authorities had no idea Liorancas was even in the country until they arrested him two weeks ago.


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