Twittering British couple chucked out of USA

Posted: January 31, 2012 in British jobs for British workers, General, Law & Disorder

When you think about it the UK certainly has become a joke these days, we can’t stop foreign murderers and rapist from entering our country we can’t even evict them when they murder or rape in our country because it infringes upon their human rights yet in the USA they can stop a couple of teenagers entering their country because they object to something that was twittered by them.

Two British teenagers were barred from entering the United States after joking on Twitter about “destroying America”.

Leigh Van Bryan and Emily Bunting’s Twitter feeds were monitored by US special agents who also took exception to a comment about “digging up Marilyn Monroe”. I’ve got a picture of Marilyn Monroe on the Weller house wall, she winks as you walk by.

Anyway when the twittering couple arrived in LA, hoping to spend a three-week holiday, they were held by armed guards, questioned for five hours on suspicion of planning to “commit crimes” and then banged up overnight.

Despite explaining he had used the term “destroy” as slang for partying, and insisting the Tweet about Marilyn Monroe was a joke, the pair were put on a flight back to Britain the next day.

They were also searched for shovels after border agents voiced suspicions Bunting would act as a look-out while Van Bryan raided the Hollywood starlet’s tomb. That must have been some eye watering body search for the shovels!

BBC Countryfile, a political broadcast on behalf of the Conservative party?

I saw on Sunday’s Countryfile programme that David Cameron managed to get on it yet again even the Agricultural Minister Jim Paice, who appears to have had a chicken pecking his head, also got his ‘boat race’ (face) on it too.

Restaurants caught for the second time employing illegal workers.

A UK Border Agency operation caught three men working illegally at the Jewel in the Crown, Crown Street, Aberdeen on Friday 27th January 2012.

This is the second time illegal workers have been found there, time for the place to be shut down methinks.

After the immigration status of staff was checked, two Bangladeshi men and one man from Nepal were found working illegally at the restaurant. The Nepalese man and one of the Bangladeshi men are being detained pending their removal from the UK. The other Bangladeshi man is supposed to report regularly to a police station unless he scarpers of course.

UKBA officers previously visited the restaurant in September 2010, when four illegal workers were found and a fine of £20,000 was imposed. I wonder if they paid it though.


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