Joey Barton, the mystic.

Posted: January 27, 2012 in General, Law & Disorder

I always look on Court news uk every day to see what crimes are in the courts, there’s some appalling crimes being committed against our elderly in care homes and the like, when I saw this headline today “BARTON TOLD NOT TO TWEET FOOTBALL RESULTS”. Can you Adam and Eve that, why on earth has FA warning Barton about his predictions turned up on Court news UK?

It seems a bit over the top when QPR footballer Joey Barton is warned because he predicted the results of two football games at the weekend on Twitter.
What are they implying, Barton’s into match fixing or there is match fixing going on and they are trolling Twitter looking for evidence.

Mind you those online betting sites who give odds on a throw-in or a corner in first 5 minutes or so have a lot to answer for.

I notice there seem to be a lot of odd incidents in football these days too like Mario Balotelli scoring the winner with a stoppage-time penalty as Manchester City beat Tottenham Hotspur 3-2 on Sunday, one of the matches Barton predicted the winners.

Ledley King deliberately fouled Balotelli in the penalty box during stoppage time with the score 2-2, no need for a dramatic dive on this occasion. That’s another annoying thing about football pundits they will say a footballer diving has won a penalty not the player cheated to get a penalty. That foul that penalty won the game for Man City, just bad luck for King or something dodgy going on.

Also some players seem to clearly try and get sent off, like the premiership player I saw a few weeks ago who after receiving a tackle and with the game playing on he walked up behind the tackler and kicked the players legs, had he backed himself to get sent off during the game.

You watch some premiership games in the next few weeks and tell me there aren’t some very curious incidents happening at vital points in the matches.

We’ve all been there, first day in the job but some people just can’t handle it.

Take former international boxing judge Chuck Giampa retired from the ring to embark on a new life as a TV pundit. Apparently he was about to take the viewers into the mind of a boxing judge unfortunately he appeared to have left his mind at home.

More sham marriage convictions in Northern Ireland.

Three members of a bogus wedding party were sentenced at Armagh Crown Court for attempting to cheat UK immigration rules.
All three were arrested on 1st August 2011 by specialist officers from the UK Border Agency assisted by the PSNI as they attempted to stage a sham marriage ceremony at Armagh Register Office.

Muhammad Naeem Aslam, a 22-year-old Pakistani, who was living in Armagh and had entered the UK on a student visa, was arrested as he was about to marry his bogus bride, 22-year-old Latvian Jolantea Juska.

Jana Juska 26, the would-be-bride’s sister, who acted as a witness was also arrested.
Aslam, who has been on remand in prison since his arrest, pleaded guilty to seeking leave to remain in the UK by deception by taking part in a sham marriage at Armagh Register Office on 1st August 2011 and was sentenced to 6 months in jail. Steps are being taken to remove him from the UK.

Jolantea Juska, who admitted being offered £2,000 to take part in the sham marriage and that she was only doing it for the money, was sentenced to 3 months suspended for a year after pleading guilty to assisting unlawful immigration (facilitation) by agreeing to take part in a sham marriage and acting as a witness to a sham marriage at Armagh Register Office on 1st August 2011.

Jana Juska who admitted that she knew it was not a genuine wedding also pleaded guilty to assisting unlawful immigration (facilitation) by agreeing to act as a witness and was sentenced to 3 months suspended for a year.

Takeaway illegal workers get taken away for deportation

Three illegal workers from China remain in immigration detention following a UK Border Agency raid on a Cheltenham takeaway. Around £2,000 in cash was also seized at Gourmet San, Bath Road, on 19th January 2012 under the Proceeds of Crime Act.

During the raid a 47-year-old man was found to be a failed asylum seeker, a 42-year-old woman had entered the UK illegally and a 39-year-old woman had stayed in the UK illegally after her visa expired.
All three were arrested and have since been transferred to immigration detention.

The 47-year-old man is due to be removed from the country over the coming weeks while the other two illegal workers have outstanding immigration claims. If they are found to have no right to remain in the UK, they will also be removed.


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