Ashar Ali Rathore opens visa agency in Pakistan

Posted: January 16, 2012 in Law & Disorder

I’ve received news on Ashar Ali Rathore he’s the geezer who was convicted of attempting to breach immigration laws in Luton, Bedfordshire and went to prison for his crimes but only served a fraction of his sentence.

He was sentenced to 2 years imprisonment of which he served only 8 months and was then deported. His wife, Nadia Qadri was sentenced to 8 months of which she served 4 months and was likewise deported.

Hmmm, I wonder if they were two of the 4,000 foreign prisoners bribed to leave the country, that might account for the short time served and the money to open an office up?

Another individual Zafar Ayab scarpered before the court case began. He is currently being sought after by the Home Office. More of him later, we may know where he is.

Two Polish nationals are due to appear at Luton Crown Court next month in connection with this case. They both pleaded not guilty when Mr Rathore and Mrs Qadri were sentenced. One Polish national has already been sentenced to 8 months regarding this matter.

Apparently Mr Rathore has set up a visa agency in Kotli, Azad Kashmir, Pakistan in order to facilitate the granting of visas to individuals for them to enter the United Kingdom. What his clients do once in Britain, bearing in mind what he was convicted for, is cause for some concern.

My informant has sent me a link to a YouTube video which shows the opening of Mr Rathore’s office. Mr Rathore is the geezer wearing the suit and tie when the video starts. He is standing inside the office whilst his father is cutting the ribbon. Standing next to his father is Mr Qadri Nadia, Qadris father. Apparently also in the video is Mr Zafar Ayab the bloke who is currently being sought by the Home Office, he is the bald headed one in the video. Told you we might know where he is. If you are affected by the video’s music a helpline is being set up.


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