Christmas, bah humbug….

Posted: January 5, 2012 in Broken Britain, General

….well it is according to our local Morrisons and Tesco.

The Weller’s eldest daughter informs me that Tesco, on Tuesday, already had put Christmas behind them and put out Easter eggs. Can you Adam and Eve that.

If that’s not bad enough Mrs W tells me Morrisons, on the Friday before Christmas Eve, already had set up their box to collect the old Christmas cards for recycling. Gor Blimey collecting Christmas cards even before Christmas has started.

Mind you some people are still queuing outside Royal Mail Sorting Offices waiting to collect their Christmas post clutching their ‘Sorry, you were out‘ cards, although they were in fact in at the time the card was delivered. They’re probably going to have to pay a quid too because some relative they’ve never heard of was 2 pence or so short on the right value postage stamp on the package.

The ‘Sorry, you were out‘ card, if you never been a victim of this practice, is the card that the bone idle postman silently creeps down your front path with and slips it into your letter box because he can’t spare 30 seconds or so for you to answer the door.

Apparently according to the the postal workers union CWU some sorting office managers have allocated just 10 seconds per house on new delivery routes, which has led to postmen filling out the forms before they approach houses because they do not have enough time to complete their rounds.

Do you know in 2011, 32,000 people complained about being left the P739 form, or as we know it ‘Sorry, you were out’ card.

Between June and September last year alone, more than 8,500 people complained about the practice, which represents a 37% increase in the same period in 2009.


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