Fake money used to pay fine

Posted: December 30, 2011 in Law & Disorder

IlieSome geezer was yesterday being hunted by police after paying a court fine at Paisley Sheriff Court, Scotland with forged £20 notes.

He used the ‘funny money’ to pay off his three-figure debt but it was only after he left that staff realised they had been conned.

A staff member said: “You’d need to have some brass neck to walk into a court building and use fake notes to pay your fine. “This guy must have been hoping the staff in the fines office wouldn’t notice but his luck was out. “The guy probably thought he was being clever but this stunt might end up costing him.”

Hoping the staff wouldn’t notice” hold up, the fake money wasn’t spotted until the bloke had left.

It seems a bit daft to pay off a court fine which is going to have your name and address on with counterfeit money but I suppose, seeing how the fake money wasn’t spotted until after the bloke had left, he could front it out and say it wasn’t him that used the forged notes.


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