DKNY apple perfume?

Posted: December 21, 2011 in General

Is it just me or are beauty product companies taking us for idiots.
Yesterday I watched an advert on TV that made me laugh out loud, LOL to you youngsters, it was for a perfume.

Apparently perfume, or parfum if you’re posh, manufacturer DKNY is aiming for the younger market – perhaps it’s that age group that they think are idiots.
Anyway picture the scene, there you are at Christmas with an expensive present, £92 for 100 ml bottle or £46 for 50ml bottle if you’re a cheapskate, at the ready for the girl of your dreams – in the advert played by the modelling ‘bird’ with the gap in her teeth. I wonder if she can spit through the gap in her teeth, might be a good party trick.

You move in with your near £100 present hoping to be on a promise after she opens it, she carefully unwraps to reveal a bottle of perfume.

Unfortunately the bottle is in the shape of an apple and called Golden Delicious after the apples of that name. You can tell she is not too happy, she’s thinking why do I want to smell like an apple, is my bloke a pervert.

No good saying it’s one of your five a day, I think you’ll be lucky to walk away with out that apple shaped bottle being shoved up your ‘jacksy’.

This is how DKNY marketing spiel describes the apple perfume for you ladies out there.

“What can be more pleasing then a bite of a golden delicious apple? This fruity floral fragrance for women captures the sensation in just one spritz. This hard to find scent is composed of accords of key lime, apple, lemon and citrus. (Hard to find, it’s knocked down on Amazon).The elegant yet carefree scent is packaged with an intricate brushed gold top and an emerald jewel like flacon. (What’s a flacon?).The fragrance captures the joy of biting into a crisp orchard fruit that has been bathed in sunshine. Recommended for daywear.”

I reckon if some woman wanted to smell like an apple she would buy a litre container of apple juice for £1 or 80p on roll-back and dab a bit behind her ears!

John Terry

I’ve noticed over the years that when Christmas comes around Chelsea defender John Terry always seems to get an injury which stops him playing the Christmas game.

Last weekend was no different, I said to Mrs W before the Chelsea match kicked off “isn’t it about the time Terry gets injured”.

Gor blimey stone the crows, towards the end of the match Terry launches himself at an opposing player – flies completely over him and lands with an injury. For a player who would normally stay on the pitch with a broken leg this Christmas injury is beginning to be more than a coincidence.

During the week he had to be helped off the training session too.

For the next instalment of ‘will John Terry have Christmas off’ tune into Sky Sports on Thursday evening when Chelsea play Tottenham.

A bit of good news

Cowboy clampers who pocketed £350,000 from parking fee scam while also collecting benefits are jailed.


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