Male model fronts push-up bra advert

Posted: December 15, 2011 in General

It started with airbrushing facial spots and skin blemishes off models to make them more alluring when modelling underwear, does any bloke look at model’s faces, then moved onto changing the body shapes of models.

Two well known incidents are the model who had her belly button completely airbrushed out and Demi Moore whose hip had been given a straight line instead of a curve. There’s shed loads of more examples out there some quite outrageous.

Virtual reality models

Earlier this week it came to light that models featuring in H&M’s swimwear and lingerie campaigns were computer generated ‘virtual reality’ models.

I always think Arsenal’s Theo Walcott looks like a virtual reality football player straight out of a video game.

This takes the biscuit though

The latest revelation is the Dutch department store Hema who have chosen to use male model Andrej Pejic to front their ‘Mega Push-Up Bra’.

The world’s going mad!


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