Ortbit Housing gearing up to force people to move.

Posted: December 8, 2011 in British jobs for British workers, Broken Britain

The Weller family had our newsletter from Orbit South yesterday informing us that in a few months we will be notified whether we will be forced to move out of our home of thirty years to make way for a larger family who will no doubt be of foreign origin judging by how many migrant workers have flooded into our area all needing housing. They’ve taken our jobs, school places and now they want our homes.

Hold up isn’t the forcing of indigenous people out of their homes to replace them with foreign nationals ethnic cleansing?

IlieApparently where tenants are under occupying their homes according to some obscure new regulations, probably thought up by some bureaucrat who will not be affected, housing benefit is being reduced with the tenant either making up the shortfall in rent, renting an empty room in the house you are renting, or move to a smaller property.

Having your ‘saucepan lids’ (kids) nicely spaced out is not going to be good enough for the enforced rehousing police because under the new regulations, I don’t remember voting whether we want this new ruling where we have to move out to make way for foreigners so much for democracy, it states;

One bedroom for each person or couple living as part of the household

Children under 16 of the same gender are expected to share, so bunk beds are going to be needed to cram all your boys together or girls together whilst your under tens are expected to share no matter of gender.
Therefore if you have a family of boys with a couple of under 10 girls you could be forced to jam them all in one room so some large migrant family who have a different range of ages for their genders take your home.

Never mind you’ve been in the house paying your rent on time for thirty years but now lost your job because of governmental financial mismanagement of our country or only earning minimum wage and need to claim housing benefits.

Never mind paying tax for decades longer than the millions of migrants who have entered our country invited by Tony Blair.

Never mind the million or so empty houses around the country with no one living in them.

Never mind all those people who have two houses, one for the weekend and holidays or even three homes if you are an MP.

That all counts for nothing when the migrant workers come to call.

Our gormless government is too thick to see that stopping migrant workers from taking our jobs will mean less people on housing benefit because they are unemployed and less people needing housing. They haven’t got the ‘bottle and glass’ to tell the EU “we’re not letting into the UK millions of migrant workers”.


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