Liam Fox warns of Russian spies

Posted: December 4, 2011 in British jobs for British workers, General

Another MP spouting a load of old pony and trap (crap)

IlieLiam Fox is claiming that the Russians are planning to use next year’s London Olympics as cover to flood Britain with spies.

The former Defence Secretary warned that Britain was powerless to prevent some ‘very unsavoury individuals’ entering the country under the guise of protecting Russia’s athletics team. No surprise there then we can’t even keep out foreign criminals pouring into our country.

Dr Fox told an audience of Hammersmith and Fulham Conservatives: “We face a very large number of FSB agents [Russia’s successor organisation to the KGB] coming to London during the Olympics, including some very unsavoury individuals.”

Why on earth would the Russians want to flood a third rate world power like Britain with spies.To learn how to run armed forces into the ground, how to bankrupt a country, how to destroy an education system, how to abuse the elderly in care?

Mind you to be on the safe side best ban umbrellas on the streets of London next summer just in case they are poison tipped.

More job vacancies in the shires.

IlieOn 8th November 2011 officers paid a visit to Asia Garden, Wragby Road, Lincoln where two Malaysian men, aged 23 and 24, were arrested because they had overstayed their visas.
They were taken to Lincoln police station for further questioning before being transferred to an immigration detention centre. Both were removed from the UK on 13th November.

A week before the visit to Asia Garden, on 1 November 2011, officers caught two illegal workers at Sarga Premier Indian Takeaway, Burton Road, Lincoln. Both men, aged 35 and 29, were from Bangladesh and had overstayed their visas.

A third business in Lincolnshire now is supposed to pay a fine for employing illegal workers after trying it on in the courts.

Subi Limited, trading as Indian Cottage, Station Street, Spalding received a visit from immigration officers on 17th March 2011 where three illegal workers were arrested.

The employer lodged an appeal against the fine on the basis that pre-employment document checks had been carried out for each of the illegal workers. A judge, sitting at Nottingham County Court on 21st November, dismissed the appeal, and as well as upholding the £15,000 fine, ordered the employer to pay the UK Border Agency costs of £1,648.50.


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