Family earned £306,228.66 from NHS using fake references.

Posted: November 30, 2011 in Law & Disorder, NHS WATCH

You would think that after the Labour government threw billions of £s at the NHS, mostly in bureaucracy, the pen pushers would do their jobs properly and check references before employing people in what are life saving jobs.

Alas apparently not judging by the family who had away at least £306,228.66 in wages from the NHS by fraudulent means. Guess what, no prison sentences were given can you Adam and Eve that!
IlieA registered nurse who was part of a family who falsely obtained NHS-funded training, bursaries and employment, has been sentenced following an investigation by NHS Protect (Bristol Crown Court, Monday 28th November).

Florence Ngum Chi, 31, of Boston Road, Bristol, Florence is she having a giraffe (laugh) was the last of the family to be sentenced. She received a 12 month Community Service Order and was ordered to complete 150 hours of unpaid work. Her 116 days already served on remand were taken into account.
Chi pleaded guilty to seven offences of Fraud by False Representation. The Court accepted that between 2003 and 2005 she benefited from receiving NHS salary payments of £113,674,37.

She and five other family members used each other as referees. The family worked as healthcare assistants and registered nurses in NHS bodies across Bristol, Gloucestershire, North Somerset and Gwent.

They concealed their relationship by using variations on names and addresses. They gave false or fraudulently obtained documents, such as birth certificates and national insurance number cards, to obtain work, higher education courses funded by the NHS, NHS bursaries and registration with the Nursing and Midwifery Council (NMC).

Chi worked in the NHS on substantive contracts, as a bank nurse and through nursing agencies. She lied about her right to work in the UK and right to receive an NHS bursary.
In total, the family’s actions and those of their ‘oppos’ gained the group at least £306,228.66.

NHS Protect investigators obtained evidence from NHS trusts, the UK Border Agency, the NMC and the University of West of England. They also accompanied police to search several homes. The NMC has been informed and professional disciplinary proceedings are underway against the registered nurses. Confiscation of losses is being pursued.

Six family members were charged: Rosemary Ngunjoh, Elvis Tafoh Ngunjoh (Elvis, they really have been taking the mickey) and Pascal Nji were sentenced on 25th May 2011. Florence Ngum Chi failed to appear at a court hearing in September 2010 and a warrant was issued for her arrest. She handed herself in to police in July 2011.

Another family member, Chi Athenasius, was convicted in December 2008 and deported. He had been working as a healthcare assistant under Pascal Nji’s name. The court found that Nji conspired with Chi Athenasius. A warrant is out for the arrest of a further relation, Rosemary Ewashi Chi.

The group’s frauds began to unravel in March 2008, when it was spotted that an employee of South Gloucestershire Primary Care Trust (PCT) had supplied a false or misleading reference on PCT headed paper for a person they had no knowledge of and did not employ. The referee and applicant were found to be related. Checks began on staff sharing similar names or who named similar referees.

Pascal Nji Chi, 29 (of Longfellow Court, Caldicott, Gwent), Rosemary Ngunjoh, 42, and Elvis Tafoh-Ngunjoh, 44, (both of Oxbarton, Stoke Gifford, Bristol) were sentenced on 25th May 2011: Pascal Nji Chi – 150 hours unpaid work, 12 month community order. Rosemary Ngunjoh – 12 month community order – released from remand in custody as equivalent already served. Elvis Tafoh Ngunjoh – 120 hours unpaid work, 12 month community order.

  1. carol says:

    you should be ashamed of yourself writing this here when this are people on the street raping anf killing others and you are not reporting. Did they do a proper job?? yes they did. Where they qualified for the job they did, surely. I am sure you writing here, has modified your CV to suit job specifications. That is the same as above. You are no saint. You are doign it right now. You are a capital fool. I guess they are now on benefit reaping the taxes they paid whilst doing the job. Good for them.

    these are the proper nurses that the NHS needs to look after our patients and you have managed to put on th dol ad havce the guts to write negative things about them. I know you are a Daily Mail reader proper living at Daily Mail Island

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