More migrants, more sewage

Posted: November 27, 2011 in British jobs for British workers, Environment

A knock on effect of overcrowded Britain brought on by unlimited immigration in the last couple of decades is more people equals more sewage to get rid of.
However instead of increasing the capacity of sewers to cope it seems water companies are just pumping it into rivers and the sea so they can keep their huge profits.

IlieResearch by the Marine Conservation Society (MCS) shows that shed loads of combined sewer overflows (CSO), used to act as an emergency outlet for overloaded sewerage systems during heavy rain, were discharging well in excess of the permitted amount of 10 times per annum.

One CSO discharged to the Kent coast for more than 1,000 hours during the bathing season last year. I wonder if that’s why Walpole Bay, Margate, Kent (pictured) did not meet European standards for water quality this year.

Research also showed that despite the published number of sewage discharges, including CSOs and emergency overflows (EO), standing at 22,000 nationwide, the actual figure is closer to 31,000. This is down to other pipes used for different functions also being used to discharge raw sewage into rivers, lakes and coastal waters.
To see if a beach near you or one that you’re going to visit for a summer holiday is going to give you ‘gut ache’ have a ‘butchers hook’ HERE

Todays job vacancies

There was a time long ago, when I was a youth, that the only foreigners in Earls Court were Australian draft dodgers avoiding going to Vietnam now it’s Brazilian and Mongolians working illegally

IlieFive illegal workers have been arrested following simultaneous UK Border Agency raids on two eateries in Earls Court.

UKBA officers visited the Tendido Cero tapas bar and neighbouring Cambio de Tercio Spanish restaurant on Old Brompton Road at around midday on Saturday 19th November, where they questioned staff to check they had the right to work in the UK.

At Tendido Cero four Brazilian men in their 20s were arrested. Two were in the UK illegally after overstaying their visas and two had entered the country illegally.

At Cambio de Tercio a 36-year-old Mongolian man was arrested for entering the country illegally. All five are now in detention and are awaiting their removal from the UK.


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