Man watched tv whilst corpse lay on floor

Posted: November 25, 2011 in Law & Disorder

Regular blog readers will know that I’m a real critic of adverts and I saw one a few days back where some geezer turns down Sunday dinner with an attractive woman because he wants to watch football on Sky Sports tv. He turns down a couple of other days because of televised games he visualises whilst getting the woman’s offer.

What a load of old cobblers I thought but apparently a football match on tv can really be more important than life itself.

For example a killer left his victim lying in his living room while he watched the Champions League final between Barcelona and Manchester United on television.
IlieNorman Fraser, 58, murdered Michelle McCue at his home in Grangemouth, Stirlingshire, in May this year. He later visited a friend and told him: “She’s dead. If it wasn’t for the Champions League, I would report it.”

Fraser was arrested 48 hours after the killing. He was discovered sitting in a chair, smoking a cigarette as Miss McCue’s badly beaten corpse still lay beside him. Miss McCue had suffered 87 bruises as well as blows to her mouth.
Fraser, nicknamed Fuzz by friends, denied a murder charge claiming the 46-year-old had fallen after a struggle. But a jury convicted him following a week-long trial at the High Court in Glasgow.

The jury heard how Miss McCue, from Slamannan in Falkirk, had gone to meet a friend at Fraser’s home in Almond Street, Grangemouth, on 27 May. Miss McCue was eventually alone with Fraser, who later attacked her.

In his speech to the jury, prosecutor Douglas Fairley said she was subjected to a “violent and prolonged attack” including hitting her with a mop handle.

Fraser will be sentenced next month.


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