Cameron says take kids to work

Posted: November 24, 2011 in Broken Britain, General

Don’t politicians say the most stupid things? They just open their mouths and let the pony and trap (crap) pour forth.

This time it’s the turn of David Cameron he says bosses should allow staff to bring their children to work during next Wednesday’s teachers’ strike.

How stupid is that, this day and age a health and safety assessment has to be carried out before anyone can even enter an open door thanks to past gormless and gutless MPs.
I’m surprised he hasn’t told parents to dump them on grandparents but then of course so many elderly have to work until they drop they are not able to as they are at work themselves.


To change the subject

A former North Wales Police worker has been given a suspended jail sentence after admitting making and possessing indecent images of children.
Ian Williams, 45, a senior crime scene investigator from Anglesey, also admitted causing a child to engage in sexual activity. He was sentenced to 52 weeks, suspended for two years, at Shrewsbury Crown Court.
Which seems a bit lenient as I’ve read cases where ‘paedos’ have been given jail sentences of a few years and not suspended either.

The watchdog which investigated called it a “despicable” crime. Williams, who pleaded guilty at an earlier hearing, was also given a five-year sex offenders prevention order and told he will be placed on the sex offenders register.

Judge RW Onions told Williams he was fortunate that he was being sentenced for what he had admitted he had done and not what the judge suspected he had done. What did the evidence say he had done?
He was dismissed from North Wales Police early in the investigation once sufficient evidence had been gathered.

  1. California have 66.500 registered sex offender. The statistics shows than more than 70% offenders haven’t bergen convicted or denounced.

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