The perfect murder?

Posted: November 16, 2011 in Law & Disorder

IlieWhere I live on the coast we seem to get bodies washed up on the shore at regular intervals and yesterday was such a day with one found amongst the rocks.
A police spokeswoman said: “We do not think that there are any suspicious circumstances surrounding the death.”

Can you guess why no suspicious circumstances were surrounding the death, well it’s because a pile of clothes were found on the beach implying it was an à la Reggie Perrin suicide.

This got me thinking, if the police are so casual with a death because they found a pile of clothes on the beach – that’s if these clothes belonged to the deceased – what a way to commit the perfect murder.

Wack the person you want dead over the head with a rock, take them to the coast, strip them of their clothes and neatly fold the clothes making a pile on the beach making sure they won’t be washed out to sea with the tide. Then sling the body into the sea as the tide goes out all ready for a dog walker to find the pile of clothes and probably the body further along the beach the next incoming tide.

Have you noticed how many dead bodies are found by people walking their dogs, without these dog walkers most murder victims wouldn’t be found because police cruising down the road in their cars are unlikely to find bodies.

Speaking about killing here’s an odd attempt

A boyfriend of a murder victim admitted to dousing her killer with petrol and trying to set him on fire.

Robert Chalmers was attacked by Samantha Wright’s boyfriend after he was sentenced for her murder at the High Court, in Edinburgh. NHS worker Allister Gibb threw petrol from a 500ml bottle of juice over Chalmers as he was being led away from court by Reliance security officers.

Gibb, 33, admitted attacking Chalmers in the city’s St Giles Street on 12th May when he appeared at Edinburgh Sheriff Court.

He lunged at the killer in a bid to set his clothing alight, it was heard at Edinburgh Sheriff Court. Reliance officers Alan Simpson and Kevin McDonagh were also soaked in petrol as a result of the attack. Gibb admitted endangering their lives as well.

Apparently the Reliance officers were escorting Chalmers to a security van when Gibb threw petrol over him from the bottle, using a cigarette lighter he tried to set fire to Mr Chalmers’ clothing.

Security officers managed to bundle the intended victim Chambers into the van whilst Gibb legged it, but he was arrested later.

See video of attempt HERE

Today’s job vacancies

IlieThree illegal workers have been caught in Dereham, Norfolk following a raid by UKBA officers on 10th November.

Officers raided Akash Tandoori, Market Place at 18:00 sealing all the exits before questioning staff and checking their immigration status.

Three Bangladeshi men, two aged 20 and one aged 21, were arrested after checks showed that they were working in breach of their student visas.

All three were taken to an immigration detention centre.


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