Campanology can damage your health

Posted: November 15, 2011 in British jobs for British workers, General

For whom the bell tolls, they toll for you ‘me old chinas’.

Whilst tolling the bells for a Remembrance Day service in Northfleet six bell ringers were slowly but surely being poisoned by carbon monoxide fumes.

Thameside fire crews were called to St Botolph’s Church, on The Hill, Northfleet, at 9.50am Sunday after a faulty boiler caused those in the bell tower to breathe in the toxic gas. I’ve shown a snowy picture of the church as it’s getting near Christmas.

A spokesman for Kent Fire and Rescue Service, said: “We led six people to safety and first aid was administered by an ambulance crew on site. “Because the boiler was in the bell tower we were able to allow the service to go ahead.” Blimey commonsense at last, no health and safety stupidity well done that man.

Hen Hotel

I saw this story on our local news and straight away thought, how many minibuses with scantily clad girls worse for wear from alcohol, one wearing a L plate turn up there thinking they are going to a Hen Night.

A Kent woman has opened a hen hotel calling it Fowlty Towers to look after people’s hens when they go on holiday.

Julie Smith from Cowden near Tonbridge, rehomes hens and has 14 of her own but has enough space to keep more on a temporary basis.

She reckons it is a routine part of holiday preparation to drop your dog off at a kennel or cat at a cattery before going on holiday but it is not normally as easy as this for people who keep hens.

Mrs Smith runs the hotel from her home on Priors Way and charges £7 per pen per night with each pen holding up to four chickens at a time.

When I was a ‘saucepan lid’ (kid) in 1950’s London my Uncle Bert used to keep chickens and on some Sundays I used to see him walk down his garden into his shed, a bit of clucking went on then he came out with a chicken dangling from his hand by its legs. Funnily enough another relative whose garden backed onto Uncle Berts also kept chickens too, in those days you could virtually throw a stone into most of your relatives gardens from where you lived.

Saying ‘saucepan lids’ brings me to this story.

A Scotsman who was called a “sweaty sock” is suing his employer for racial discrimination which means every cockney or Londoner who speaks cockney has become a racist overnight.

As long as I can remember Scotsmen were called ‘sweaty socks’ rhyming with Jock an endearing term for Scottish soldiers during both World Wars.

Scots had a fearsome reputation in battle and whether you were standing wearing a redcoat in a field gripping a musket in 18th century or in the WW1 trenches or on a gunsmoke covered WWII battleground the sound of bagpipes would uplift you spirits and you knew ‘Mad Jock’ reinforcements were on the way; my dad had fond memories of the bagpipes in battle.

Anyway Mark Lynch, a slaughterman, claims he was called a range of insults including “Jock” and “Scottie” during the seven years he worked at the abattoir in Cornwall.

I hope he loses the case this racism lark is getting out of hand.

Has anyone else noticed this likeness.

On the left is Worzel Gummidge a scarecrow that comes to life and on the right Chesney from Coronation Street or is it the other way round.

Horse and stable door comes to mind here.

From 16 November 2011 all applications for a UK visa must be completed using online application system before going to the visa application centre in Kampala, Uganda to submit a printed copy of the application form and biometric data (fingerprints and photograph).

Biometric data, what’s the point of that it is not being scanned when these aliens enter our country.

Today’s job vacancies

IlieFour illegal workers are in detention awaiting deportation after UKBA officers caught them in raids on businesses in Exeter and Exmouth, Devon

Acting on info received, immigration officers raided Chicken Hut, Rolle Street, Exmouth, at 17:00 on 18 October.

After the immigration status of both members of staff on duty was checked, a 32-year-old Indian man was found to have entered the UK illegally, while a 27-year-old Pakistani man was found to be working in breach of the conditions of his student visa.

Officers then want to Raj India, Sidwell Street, Exeter, entering at 21:05. There, a 22-year-old Bangladeshi man was found to have overstayed his visit visa, while a 31-year-old Bangladeshi man was found to have no right to work in the UK.

Then onto Cornwall

One man has been deported and three men are in detention awaiting removal after officers found them working illegally at two restaurants in Cornwall.

Immigration officers raided Red Panda, Pannier Market, Fore Street, Callington, on 18 October where a 24-year-old Chinese man was found to have stayed in the country illegally after his student visa expired and a 38-year-old Chinese man was found to have entered the country illegally.

Officers then went to Saltash Tandoori, Lower Fore Street, Saltash, where two Bangladeshi men were found working illegally.

A 22-year-old had overstayed his entertainer’s visa while a 21-year-old was working in breach of the conditions of his student visa.

All four men found in the restaurants were arrested and transferred to immigration detention. The 21-year-old Bangladeshi man has since been removed to his home country while the other three await deportation.

  1. Howard Thomas says:

    There was a case round here where an Irishman was charged with calling a Welsh policeman a “sheep shagger” . He got off when he said to the court that on the building site where he worked that the welsh were known as ‘sheep shaggers’ , the scots as ‘sweaty socks’ and he was known as a ‘thick mick’. This is actually a true story! although I suspect he didn’t use the term in an amicable way to the policeman.

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