Tony Blair’s finger in the pie

Posted: November 13, 2011 in Broken Britain

IlieTony Blair is facing questions after one of his charities launched a bid to get some of Britain’s £8billion foreign aid budget. That’s the £8billion of taxpayers’ money our government gives away every year to foreign countries whilst we face austerity measures and the elderly and disabled see their vital life saving services cut.

His organisation has taken the first steps to become eligible for grants awarded by the Department for International Development to rebuild war-torn countries. Those are the countries the Labour government brought war to in the first place. Talk about long term planning, destroy a country then make money out of rebuilding it after getting the heave-ho from government.

Mr Blair’s charity has applied to join the tendering process for the Department for International Development (DfID) ‘security and governance’ scheme, which undertakes ‘peace-building’ work in countries such as Iraq and Afghanistan.

X Factor rigged?

Producers in Scotland posted an article about Amelia Lily being voted back onto the show, an hour before the phone lines closed.
The story about Amelia Lily appeared on the website at 20.06, about an hour before the phone lines closed and half an hour before the live show began. STV is the official website of ITV Scotland.
It was headlined: “X Factor return result: emotional Amelia Lily voted back in.”

By the way is it just me or does contestant Janet Devlin, the red haired Irish ‘bird’, fail to sing the whole word at the end of every lyric line. She sounds as though someone has hit her in the throat just before she can finish the line.

Accommodation to Let

IlieAs well as creating jobs by catching illegal workers the UKBA also frees up accommodation for the homeless.

Nine illegal immigrants were caught in Wolverhampton on Tuesday 8th November during a UK Border Agency and West Midlands Police operation.
A team of 17 police and immigration officers visited residential addresses in the Whitmore Reans area of Wolverhampton at 16:00.
Nine foreign nationals, all men aged between 19 and 45, were arrested after checks showed they had no right to be in the UK. They were staying at properties in Clifford Street, Newhampton Road West and Dunstall Road.

Six of the men were from Afghanistan and three from India. All were taken to police stations in Wolverhampton for further questioning before being transferred to immigration detention centres supposedly to be removed from the country.

Health lottery

Have a look at the Health Lottery’s web site it is so amateurish and basic it looks like one of those sites that has been quickly cobbled together for some kind of scam.

At least someone is making money out of the Olympics

The Queen will let firms hire St James’s Throne Room for £30,000 a day for the Olympics.

  1. Howard Thomas says:

    If ever there was a British PM whose foreign policy was based on what his personal income would be from that policy when he stepped down then Tony Blair is that man………..allegedly !

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