Illegal workers caught

Posted: November 11, 2011 in British jobs for British workers, Law & Disorder

There was a time when I used to report that one worker was caught working illegally or maybe two but now it has become nine, six or even twice in a few months. Businesses are really taking the mickey and a stronger deterrent is needed like shutting down

Nine people have been arrested following a raid on a food production plant in Brent.

IlieUKBA officers visited Colonial World Foods Ltd on the Townsend Industrial Estate on Thursday 3th November, where they questioned staff to check they had the right to work in the UK.

Eight employees of Colonial World Foods were arrested for immigration offences, along with one employee of Sky Gourmet Group, which operates from the same site.

In total two Chinese women, a Chinese man, a Brazilian man and a Malaysian woman have been detained pending their removal from the UK. The other four, three Chinese men and a Sri Lankan man employed by Sky Gourmet, have been granted immigration bail to seek illegal employment elsewhere along with the other 120,000 lost illegals.

IlieUKBA officers raided the Beveridge Park Hotel in Abbotshall Road, Kirkcaldy on Thursday night (3rd November).

After the immigration status of staff was checked, six Indian men were found working illegally at the hotel, and are being detained while steps are taken to remove them from the UK.

Employing six illegal workers really is taking the mickey the owner of The Beveridge Park should face a prison sentence not a fine that they’re not going to pay.

IlieUK Border Agency officials visited Flames Kebabs, on Herne Bay High Street on Wednesday.

One of the suspects tried to leg it but was later found to be a 20-year-old failed asylum seeker from Afghanistan.

After checking the immigration status of the other staff, officers found a further two men, aged 18 and 20 from Turkey, were said to be working illegally.

One was a failed asylum seeker and the other had overstayed his visit visa.

All three were arrested and are in immigration detention while the UK Border Agency takes steps to remove them from the UK.

Twice this business has been caught

IlieTwo men have been caught working illegally in a UK Border Agency operation at a Port Elphinstone takeaway – the second time illegal workers have been found there in less than three months. It just shows you how little a fine is as a deterrent.

Acting on a tip off officers from the UK Border Agency targeted Porto Ricos in Ladeside Road, Aberdeenshire on the 8th November.

After the immigration status of staff was checked, two Pakistani men were found working illegally at the takeaway.

Porto Ricos were caught with three Pakistani men working illegally on 19th August 2011, what contempt they have for our laws.


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