Who wants to be a Millionaire rigged?

Posted: November 10, 2011 in General, Law & Disorder

Did ‘Who Wants to be a Millionaire Remembrance Special’ deliberately stop armed forces winning more money.

Last night me and Mrs W were channel hopping before The Yawn started, ooops sorry The Jury, when we came across the Remembrance Who Wants To Be A Millionaire with Chris Tarrant. We don’t usually watch this as neither of us can stand Tarrant.

Anyway last night all the money that was won went to charities linked to the armed forces. Three pairs of contestants, we didn’t see the first lot but second lot were Melanie Sykes, no I don’t know who she is either, and a female army medic; neither of which stopped giggling enough or were bright enough to answer many question so went away with little money.

The last two were John Thomson who apparently did a few voices for tv’s Spitting Image, we never watched that either, and a RAF bloke who looked like Ray Wilkins the football pundit, ex football player and many times ‘tin tacked’ (sacked) football team manager. He’s the one paired up with a so called commentator for Sky Sports and who never actually commentate on what is happening on the pitch. If you were visually impaired, a classy name for blind as a bat, you wouldn’t know what on earth was going on as the commentators are talking about football in general with Wilkins saying ‘we’ when talking about any football team, he thinks he is still managing or playing for the teams on the pitch.

I digress, the quiz pair were going along like a train when Tarrant started to ask them inane questions like what voices Thomson did on Spitting Image then he explained what would happen when the klaxon sounded which started to slow the programme down. This is when we both started shouting at the tv, “shut up and ask the questions”. By the time the pair reached £50,000 Tarrant had slowed the programme down to a crawl, then the klaxon went so that was it no hope of the armed forces getting another penny. If Tarrant had carried on at the normal pace that quiz team would have certainly been able to answer more questions enabling them to win more money.

X Factor and Frank Cocozza

If you don’t watch X Factor, I have to watch it as Mrs W is an avid fan, Frank Cocozza is the contestant thrown off the show due to being out of control behaviour wise. He’s the one with spindly legs in tights that hang off his ‘Kyber Pass’ (arse) and has a guardsman busby jammed over his head with a cut out to see through. He also has a hoarse voice and is only capable of singing a few type of songs.

Anyway the amateur singers of X Factor have been featured on a Marks & Spencer tv advert including a momentary glimpse of Cocozza but last night I noticed the few seconds of his ‘boat race’ (face) had been edited out. How quick was that fall from grace.

I’m a Celebrity- get me out of here.

Another Mrs W tv favourite with me as a passive viewer but rumour has it the programme is being rebranded as I’m a Geriatric – get me out of here.

In past years anyone old has been exempt from trials for health reasons but as the elderly apparently make better viewing it seems this years programme is being loaded with elderly ‘has been’ stars.

Therefore expect trials such as ‘the last contestant to need the toilet’ wins and ‘the last one to dress’ loses their dentures.

CCTV unmanned

A few weeks ago I blogged that Thanet in Kent were not manning CCTV all the time but it seems Sevenoaks also in Kent don’t do it either.

The council claim lack of funding for the control centre means it is unmanned for four hours a day, four times a week.

IlieBEXHILL, ST LEONARD’S ON SEA, SUSSEX. Two nurses who let a toothless pensioner choke to death on a piece of sausage after ‘deliberately’ failing to resuscitate him have been thrown out of the profession.

Patrick Wilson-Canning and Maureen Harper allowed the 80-year-old Alzheimer’s patient to eat the ‘inappropriate’ meal of bangers and mash unsupervised.

What happened to the charge of manslaughter, the elderly need protecting from people like that.


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