Councillors caught urinating in public

Posted: November 4, 2011 in Broken Britain, Law & Disorder

Three senior council members have been caught urinating in public in an area where they have earmarked a number of public toilets for closure.

IlieThe three councillors including the town mayor were reprimanded in front of colleagues after a complaint was made against them.

They had been spotted relieving themselves in a hedge after being caught short on an official fact-finding tour.

The councillors, members of Fenland District Council Planning Committee in Cambridgeshire, were on a coach trip around towns and villages to look at sites which were the subject of planning applications.

When they stopped near Wisbech, Councillor Bernard Keane, the Mayor of March, was first off the bus to find a hedge.

Half an hour later, as the coach pulled into another site, the leaky Tory set off again to have another ‘jimmy riddle’ (piddle) but this time was joined by two others.

It sounds like a school kids day out constantly stopping for a ‘jimmy riddle’.

Planning committee member Jan French was on board the bus but refused to discuss the incidents. I’m surprised she wasn’t caught mooning at the back window it sounds that sort of trip; I used to drive a minibus to hen nights.

In future the coach will be routed so that stops can be made although it’s going to be a long old journey because Fenland Council is set to shut 7 of the 11 public toilets in the four market towns.

Border officials have lost track of 124,000 asylum seekers and migrants, a population the size of Cambridge.

UK Border Agency figures show the number of cases “lost” has tripled from 40,500 in March. I wonder if that is because when they catch an illegal UKBA give the illegals bail enabling them to Scapa Flow back into the Lost Asylum Seeker Brigade.

The Commons Home Affairs Select Committee’s report said the so-called controlled archive was being used as a “dumping ground” for cases the agency has given up on. It lists around 98,000 cases where asylum seekers cannot be found and the agency has no idea whether or not the applicant are still in the UK, legally or otherwise. Not until they get caught for murdering someone that is.

The total includes around 26,000 migrants who have overstayed their visas or who have been refused an extension of leave, such as students.


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