Morrisons lost millions

Posted: November 1, 2011 in General

A downfall of not learning English when living in our country?

IlieOur local Morrisons have been running a ‘Morrison Millions’ competition every day whereby you check the number printed under the receipt barcode with those listed in the shop and online.
Mrs ‘W’ has been checking regularly ever since it started on 17th October until it finished Sunday 30th but to no avail, we’re losers.

However Mrs ‘W’ yesterday noticed only eight of the forty-two £100 prizes in our store, 3 a day multiplied by 14 days, have been claimed can you Adam and Eve that only 8 out of 42 claimed in a poverty stricken area like ours.

One of the Weller daughters has a theory why that is, yesterday while waiting for Mrs W to come through the tills she notice nearly all the customers in Morrisons were foreign so perhaps because they can’t speak English they don’t understand the competition.

Anyway if any reader has a Morrisons receipt dated during the competition period the numbers can still be checked online but don’t tell the foreigners.

Britain is being set alight.

I’ve stopped doing these reports, there are so many suspicious fires in our county it’s taking too long and boring to blog them. Yesterday I looked at Glasgow by searching ‘fire’ on a Glasgow newspaper website and found bundles of arson attacks.

I’m convinced there is an attempt to burn our country down, a match is a poor man’s terrorist weapon.

  1. hasfa says:

    OMG it’s finished oh well its ok they are doin summet else so MORRISONS u can win Asda come on!
    MORRISONS is da best

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