EU cuts vacuum cleaner power

Posted: October 29, 2011 in Broken Britain, General

The cleanliness of Britain’s homes is being threatened by unelected European pen pushers who want to reduce the power of vacuum cleaners in a bid to cut energy use.

IlieMind you cutting down how often you hoover would have the same effect or changing the bag more regularly instead of spending twice as long trying to suck dust into a full bag.

That’s probably too easy a solution instead officials at the European Commission are proposing restricting the power of vacuum cleaners to levels last seen in the 1960s. Why not go the whole hog and ban the use of hoovers altogether with a campaign to trade your hoover in for a new broom and dustpan.

Britain’s current best selling upright bagged vacuum cleaner, the Hoover Pure Power, has a power rating of 2.1 kilowatts (kW) – about the same as a typical kettle. The Vax Power 2 Pet has a power input of 2.2kW.

The EC, however, wants power inputs to be cut by the year 2014 to 500 Watts (0.5kW) for upright cleaners and 750 Watts for canister cleaners and upright cleaners with integral hose and tools. According to their claims this would help save enough electricity to power 2.3 million homes. Sounds a bit like the figures for wind farms which have proved to be a load of old cobblers.

I suppose jobs may be created as there is sure to be a Hoover Police force who will raid homes to make sure an illegal hoover is not being used.

Britain being set alight, more fires in Kent.

IlieThe cause of a fire which destroyed a holiday caravan in Whitstable is being investigated by police.
The blaze at the Seaview Caravan Park started shortly after midnight and gutted the 32ft caravan in 15 minutes. Two crews of firefighters from Whitstable fought the blaze and evacuated some of the neighbouring caravans for safety reasons.

Watch manager Richard Judge said: “We had two appliances at the scene but it went up very quickly. There were some propane gas cylinders which we had to move and make safe but nobody was in danger. “We don’t know the cause at this stage so it is being investigated.”

There have been two more fires in Kent this week where people have died but police are treating the fires as non suspicious.


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