National Lottery ‘con’

Posted: October 27, 2011 in Law & Disorder

This is how it works;

IlieAn eastern European man approaches the selected sucker in the street, asking directions to an immigration solicitor’s office.

After striking up conversation, he reveals he has a winning lottery ticket he can not cash due to his illegal status and not having a bank account.

A second man out of nowhere soon joins in, offering to check the ticket.

He heads off to a shop, returning moments later with a results print out claiming the ticket is worth £500,000.

At this point, the first man asks both the victim and the other man if they would buy into helping him cash the ticket for £5,000. The three agree they will split the winnings between them once the money gets paid into an account.

The victim leaves, returning shortly after with £2,500 in cash, ready to hand over.

All three have already planned to drive to lottery head office in Watford to cash the ticket.

But, as they head to the car, the first man suddenly appears to fall ill with the second offering to help him to a nearby chemist to get some pills.

Goodbye to £2,500

A victim’s account and description of conmen


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