CCTV unmanned overnight

Posted: October 26, 2011 in British jobs for British workers, Law & Disorder

CCTV systems will be left unmanned overnight.

IlieThanet council in Kent, say the cameras will still be recording but will not be manned between 3am and 9am from November 1st. This is an area which has had several killings recently and at the exact time nightclubs are chucking out. Being a seaside area there are plenty of out of the area groups on drinking binges which only a few months ago led to the death of a local man in the street.

All very well CCTV recording during this period but by the time the evidence is collected some knife victim will have bled to death or some nightclubber will have had the crap kicked out of them outside a nightclub.

Two weeks ago Lilly’s By The Sea Cafe window was kicked in at 4am a CCTV operator saw what was happening, called the police and an 18-year-old man from Chatham was arrested at the scene.

Saving money at the cost of someone’s life, is that one austerity measure too far?

Sham marriage couple jailed

A Worthing ‘wanna-be couple’ whose sham marriage was exposed by an UKBA investigation have been jailed for 10 months each.

Kristyna Salaseviciute, a 28-year-old Lithuanian, and Vitalii Zhytnyk, a 24-year-old Ukrainian, were arrested by officers following the marriage at Worthing Register Office on 8th May 2010.

Woolwich Crown Court heard that Salaseviciute, of Brougham Road, was offered £3,000 to take part in the scam, half on getting married and the rest when Vitalii, of South Farm Road, obtained a visa to stay in the UK.

Following the bride and groom’s arrest officers from the south east immigration crime team identified the ‘marriage fixer’, the groom’s 29-year-old Lithuanian sister Maryna Zhytnyk Kavalyauske, also of South Farm Road.

Kavalyauske claimed that she had arranged the marriage so that her brother could remain in the UK to care for her two small children.

All three were charged with conspiracy to facilitate a breach of immigration law. Salaseviciute and Zhytnyk both admitted the charges at Chichester Crown Court on 25 August 2011, but Kavalyauske refused to plead guilty to this charge. She later admitted an offence of assisting unlawful entry into an EU member state by a non EU citizen.

Salaseviciute and Zhytnyk were both sentenced to 10 months in prison. Kavalyauske was given a 6 month suspended sentence, and 110 hours of community service.

Fraudulent 7 arrested

Seven immigration offenders have been arrested in Edinburgh by UKBA officers, after obtaining visas with the help of fraudulent applications from a jailed legal adviser in London.

IlieFollowing investigations by UKBA officers, Harpreet Dhall was jailed for 6 years at Harrow Crown Court in March for helping submit the applications by creating false documents and employment histories for clients. In some cases, he would also arrange for regular payments to be made into their bank accounts, so that they appeared to have regular salaries.

Further enquires identified a number of people living in Edinburgh who had gained work visas through these fraudulent means. This resulted in the arrest of 7 offenders related to the fraudulent visa investigation, and 3 additional unrelated immigration offenders, on 18th and 19th October at a number of residential and work addresses in the city.

The three Indian women, six Indian men and one Pakistani man are all being held in detention, pending their removal from the UK, with the exception of an Indian man and woman who are already due to leave the country.

Today’s job vacancies

IlieThree immigration offenders have been arrested and detained after being found working in a Bangor, County Down, restaurant during a UKBA raid.

The raid last Thursday targeted the Ganges Restaurant on Bingham Street. Following checks on restaurant employees three Bangladeshi males between the ages of 28 and 31-years-old were arrested for illegally working and staying in the UK after their visas had expired. They are currently being detained while steps are taken to remove them from the UK.


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