Man finds his stolen stock on Ebay

Posted: October 25, 2011 in Broken Britain, Law & Disorder

IlieA Whitstable businessman making price checks on the eBay auction site found his own ‘half-inched’ (pinched) stock up for sale.

Steve Hills who ran a garden furniture warehouse near Whitstable, Kent – discovered more than 440 items – including lights, pond pumps, little fountains, thermometers and other equipment up for offer at knockdown prices.

Mr Hills then tracked down the seller and realised it was one of his own workers.

Aaron Baker, 33, of Milton Avenue, Margate pleaded guilty at Canterbury Crown Court to theft and was given a five month jail sentence suspended for two years. He was also ordered to do 120 hours on unpaid work. Presumably Mr Hills left Baker bad feedback on ebay too.

Mr Hills, who sat through the 20-minute court hearing, stormed out of the court after the sentence was announced. He said later: “That is just a joke. What he did to my business was appalling and he seems to have escaped justice”?

Prosecutor Denzil Pugh told how a year ago Baker went to work at the centre near Whitstable and was given a key to the premises.

“Over a period of time Mr Hills formed the view that there were stock degradations but nothing came of his suspicion until two months ago when he went onto the Internet. “He was looking at eBay primarily to check up on prices charged by the competition. “He noticed coming up for sale a quantity of items which bore a marked similarity to items from his own stock which had gone missing.”

The prosecutor said Baker had stolen 440 items – worth £14,000 – which netted him £6279 in profit from auction sales.

Jonathan Green, defending, said: “When this matter came to light there was some summary justice which was bestowed upon him by Mr Hills, (in plain language – Hills hit Baker). “He has now made efforts to reimburse Mr Hills and has given him his £1800 car, £150 cash and £1500 in back pay, “ he added.

My theory that Britain is being set alight update

IlieHere’s another arson attack in Kent. This time more than 20 firefighters tackled a blaze at a tip in Sittingbourne.

The fire broke out at the rubbish site in Milton Regis at around 7.30pm Sunday night. It took more than five hours to bring the flames under control.

Here’s another

Emergency services tackled what they describe as a “large refuse fire” in Maidstone yesterday afternoon.

The fire in at a site in Coldharbour on the London Road, got under way at around 2.45pm on Monday. Fire chiefs say the blaze is spread across a site measuring 20 yards by 30 yard and is believed to contain tyres and cylinders.

Meanwhile in another part of Kent 60 Elvis impersonators have fled the building.

IlieThe lookalikes were attending a charity function in Rochester, Kent, when the fire alarm sounded late on Saturday night.

It is believed that it was set off by a faulty smoke machine that formed part of the Elvis act at the fundraiser.

Guests leaving the hotel saw a group of around 60 impersonators, dressed in wigs and full rhinestone costume, gathered in the car park. They appeared to be ‘All shook up’! Sorry, couldn’t resist it.

The Elvis lookalikes were taking part in a fancy dress fundraiser for Macmillan Cancer Support at the Holiday Inn in Rochester. The Elvis tribute night was due to feature a charity raffle, late night disco and live entertainment.

Downton Abbey

Is it my imagination or has anyone else noted that in the time span of 4 years of this series, 1914 until 1918, Downton Abbey it seems has been in an eternal summer – no falling leaves, lush lawns, no snow just glorious sunny days even for Armistice day 11th November.

Also I’m sure in Sunday’s episode right at the end when a car drove through the village I could have sworn I saw a fox run from behind a tree in the Church grounds.


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