Labour to evict elderly

Posted: October 20, 2011 in Broken Britain, Law & Disorder

Remember my article where old people in houses ToffTories think are too big for them are to be made to move to smaller ones presumably to make houses available for all the migrant families, getting bigger all the time judging by their birth rate figures, that have flooded into our country.

IlieYou would think that the Labour party would jump at the chance to increase their blue rinse voting numbers but no they too are going to force the elderly into some sink estate poky flat to be terrorised by young drugged up thugs.

According to the party of the working class, oh sorry that’s what the Labour party once was, older people should be taxed out of their family homes to free up space for younger generations.

It argues that ‘empty nesters‘ in their 60s are taking up too much room and should be ‘encouraged’ by a new ‘land tax’ to downsize to smaller homes.

The call comes from the Intergenerational Foundation, a left-leaning think-tank that aims to ‘promote fairness between generations’.

Labour MP Tessa Jowell sponsored the report’s launch in a Commons hospitality room yesterday, saying the current situation ran against Ed Miliband’s vision for Britain.

This will make you laugh unless you’re elderly, the ‘bedroom blocker’ plan drew condemnation from Tory ministers.

Tory housing minister Grant Shapps said: ‘We do not agree that people should be taxed or bullied out of their homes.’ What a liar you are, you plan the same.

How soon before a government goes the whole hog and brings in euthanasia for the elderly.

Britain is being set alight update

IlieI’m just keeping my eye on Kent arson news at the moment because it seems a particular problem in that county.

The latest fire yesterday afternoon was around 50 tonnes of wood caught alight in Scotline timber yard, in Sir Thomas Longley Road on the Medway City Estate in Strood.

Fire crews from Strood, Medway, Hoo and Grain attended the scene, as well as a specialist water unit from Larkfield.

They spent almost four hours putting out the flames and left the scene just after 8am. The cause of the fire is unknown at this stage.

Job vacancies for today

Three businesses in Neath, Pontardawe and Llanelli were caught employing illegal workers.

IlieActing on tip-offs, UKBA officers raided Pontardawe Hand Car Wash, Swansea Road, on Friday 14 October and checked the immigration status of staff.

An Iranian man washing cars there was found to be a failed asylum seeker who had not left the UK when his claim for protection was rejected.

He was placed on immigration bail so he could ‘scapa flow’ to join the other 1,000s of illegals hiding in our country.

Officers then went to Masala, West End, Llanelli, where a man attempted to leg-it from the restaurant as officers entered.

He was caught and was found to be a Bangladesh man who had stayed in the country illegally after his visa had expired. He was arrested and remains in immigration detention pending his removal from the UK.

Officers visited Café India, New Road, Skewen, Neath, where a Bangladeshi man who had also overstayed his visa was found working illegally in the kitchen.

He was arrested and remains in immigration detention pending removal.

Sham marriage quartet arrested

IlieFour Nigerians were arrested on Tuesday 18th October following an operation targeting a crime gang suspected of arranging sham marriages between Nigerian and Dutch nationals.

Police and immigration officers carried out raids on residential addresses in the Romford and Dagenham areas at around 06:00 in the morning. They were accompanied by detectives from the Dutch police.

At the address in Romford a man, aged 42 was arrested on suspicion of conspiring to assist unlawful immigration and seeking to leave to remain by deception. A woman aged 32 was arrested on suspicion of conspiring to assist unlawful immigration.

At the address in Dagenham a man aged 39 and a woman aged 30 were also arrested on suspicion of conspiring to assist unlawful immigration.

  1. Graham says:

    Dear Mrs Queen,
    It has come to our attention that you and your husband Philip are currently living in a house that is much larger than you need.

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