Bargain Hunt, did contestants cheat?

Posted: October 18, 2011 in Law & Disorder

Who watched BBC Bargain Hunt yesterday (Monday) I’m sure something dodgy went on, is nothing sacred.

Bargain Hunt came from Exeter, Devon, actually it was the first time I’ve ever seen Bargain Hunt billed without ‘repeat’ after it.

Anyway the object of the programme, for those who don’t know, two teams of two contestants, friends, relatives or whatever get £300 to buy three items at a boot fair or antique show (posh name for boot fair with higher prices) with the help of an expert the items bought are sold at an auction to make a profit which the contestants keep. If they make a massive loss then tv licence money picks up the tab.


Yesterday’s show had some scatty bird with bins (binsley green, screen hence glasses) who sounded like one of Dawn French’s silly people she so well portrays and her friend some diving geezer also with ‘bins’. Actually he went along with whatever the scatty bird said or bought, the expert wasn’t consulted over any of the items they were just bought as seen with hardly any haggling over the price.

At the auction, probably weeks later as some contestants seem to either lose weight or put it on so blatantly obvious that it indicates some time has passed between buying and selling. Sometimes the difference can be a summers day buying with snow on the ground on sales day.

Anyway I digress, the auctioneer who are very rarely wrong in their estimates, as they do it for a living and if they keep getting it wrong they will soon get the ‘tin tack’ (sack), estimated the scatty bird and diving geezer with bins items at a lower price than they paid for them.

Therefore you would expect the pair to lose money but no, a very strange thing occurred the like of which I’ve never seen before on Bargain Hunt

All three of their items had commission* bids on, two far higher than the auctioneer’s estimate.

Spelter figures bought for £85 estimated at £35 – £40
Silver sugar tongs with weak spring bought for £45 estimated at £20 – £40
Three piece cruet set bought £60 estimated at £60 – £80


*A commission (Proxi) bid, because the bidder is not at the auction, is a bid for the “maximum amount” they are prepared to pay and they will only pay the lowest required bid should they win the auction. The auctioneer will automatically re-bid for the commission bidder each time up to the maximum bid as the auction proceeds.

Mind you if no one else bids for the item your commission bid will start it off thus you could pay well over the odds for the item, which happened yesterday.

So for the odd couple the three commission bids were THE only bids because no one in the room bid at all:

Spelter figures went for commission bid of £80
Sugar tongs went for commission bid of £90
Cruet set sold for commission bid of £90

Therefore they made a large profit on two items and only a loss of £5 on the figures. Meanwhile the other team lost out with their items and made a stonking great loss whilst scatty bird and geezer with bins went home with £70 in their ‘sky rockets’ (pockets).

An unbelievable fortunate coincidence for the odd couple or had they got someone to put on commission bids so they would be winners on the programme and be able to boast to all their china plates (mates) how good they were.

If you watch the programme on BBC player, Series 30 Exeter 21, watch the face of the scatty bird as she realises no one else is bidding so the commission bids win all the items.

Knorr involved in people smuggling?

IlieEight wanna-be illegal immigrants, hiding in a lorry among pallets of Knorr stock cubes bound for Cannock, have been prevented from entering the UK after being sniffed out by Jake a border control dog on 23th September. The eight men were hiding among pallets of Knorr stock cubes bound for Cannock. I hope Marco Pierre White didn’t have anything to do with it.

The Italian-registered refrigerated freight vehicle with an Italian driver had a seal which was in place on the back doors but had been incorrectly fitted, allowing it to be removed and replaced.

The stowaways were questioned and said they had come from Afghanistan. They were removed from the lorry and handed over to the French border police.

The lorry was allowed to continue its journey to the UK although this is the third time this year that would-be illegal immigrants have been caught at Calais trying to enter the UK by stowing away in lorries carrying Knorr products to Cannock.

On 4th January, six Eritrean nationals (four men and two women) were sniffed out by a UK Border Agency dog. Then on 15th January, two women and a man, also from Eritrea, were caught hiding in another Cannock-bound lorry-load of Knorr soup.

Britain Burning update

Still keeping your ‘mince pies’ (eyes) on news on arson attacks in your locality? Over the weekend we had two empty buildings set alight only four miles apart.

  1. says:

    Just saw a replay of this show and googled to see if there was any online commentary about possible cheating in this episode. I have never seen an episode of Bargain Hunt where commission bids high above the auctioneer’s estimate with no competing bids from the floor (not one peep from the floor) win all the items from one team. Odd.

    • percyweller says:

      What annoys me is that was the third time I’ve seen that cheating show, Tim, good name that, Wonnacott brags that he has done 800 shows yet we keep seeing the same old repeats.

  2. Malcolm says:

    I watched today’s 2011 repeat. I noticed that all 4 contestants were wearing the same clothes at the auction as they had on during the ‘hunt’. I find it difficult to believe that the auction is on the same day as the hunt, so what’s going on?

    • percyweller says:

      The auctions are normally months apart as can be seen by the weather and leaves on trees for the buying and then winter weather for auctions or vice- versa. They are told to wear the same clothes for tv continuity so clips involving contestants can be swapped about. I read it in our local rag who did an article with a couple who went on show, it was real eye opener lots of dodgy goings on.

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