Leafy suburbs to sink estates

Posted: October 17, 2011 in Broken Britain

I’m beginning to believe the ToffTories are the party of the gormless.

Their latest ‘radical new plans’ are to tackle rising unemployment by urging the jobless to swap homes and move to areas where jobs are available. You can bet your last penny urging will quickly turn into forcing by withholding of benefits.

No mention of dealing with the millions of migrants who have come to the UK in the last decade or so taking our jobs.

Migrants are a very mobile workforce who travel as a single unit, no wife, no kids. A workforce which will do anything, sleep anywhere and will suffer any working conditions no matter how appalling as long as they get wages to send back home and child benefit, paid by British taxpayers, to support their kids living back home in eastern Europe.


This latest load of cobblers means people living in social housing will be helped to uproot their families in order to chase jobs. But who in their right mind is going to leave their home in an area with jobs vacancies, a future for their children and other family members to go to some lawless sink estate where no jobs are available.

Apparently ministers are considering a nationwide database of house swaps and removing barriers to council and housing association tenants moving.

Ministers say details of the scheme are yet to be finalised but it will be launched in the coming weeks. When the word finalising is used I always think of the phrase ‘going off half-cocked’.


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