Tax on vanity

Posted: October 16, 2011 in British jobs for British workers, Broken Britain, Law & Disorder

VAT on cosmetic surgery, will that be a Vanity Added Tax?

IlieNever missing a chance to grab even more money from Joe Public, ToffTories’ Chancellor George Osborne plans to raise up to £500m a year by putting VAT on cosmetic surgery which will up the cost of ‘ops’ by 20% adding about £1,000 to a breast operation.

Until now, VAT has been charged only on minor treatments including Botox injections and chemical peels carried out in High Street beauty salons.

Patients having such cosmetic procedures will pay the tax unless they can persuade a doctor the operation is being carried out for ‘therapeutic’ reasons.

Hmmm, a chance for ‘backhanders’ to doctors to agree ‘therapeutic’ reasons and the use of ‘I’ll pay cash, no receipts know want I mean doc wink wink nudge nudge’ mentality to avoid VAT in the ever growing black economy avoiding UK’s Sheriff of Nottingham type taxes.

More from broken Britain, a schoolboy shotgun gang jailed

Today’s job vacancies

IlieActing on information received, UKBA officers visited Spice Valley Restaurant on Eagley Brook Way, Bolton at 17:00, 13th October, where they arrested an Afghan man aged 32, a failed asylum seeker with no permission to work in the UK.

At 19:00 officers then visited Leena Restaurant on Bradshawgate, Bolton where they arrested a Bangladeshi man aged 32 for overstaying his visa and working illegally.

Neither of the men have permission to remain in the UK and both are now in detention pending their removal from the UK.

Meanwile two illegal immigrants were caught at Premier Carwash and Valeting Centre, Stratford Road, Warwick also on 13th October when UKBA officers paid a visit.

Two men, a 25-year-old Albanian and a 30-year-old Kosovan, were arrested after checks showed that they had illegally entered the UK.

Both men were questioned further at Leamington Spa police station before being transferred to an immigration detention centre.

An illegal worker has been arrested and detained after being found in the China China Restaurant in Crosby Street, Bangor.

Following checks on restaurant employees a 20-year-old Chinese man was arrested for illegally working and staying in the UK after his visa had expired. He is currently being detained while steps are being taken to remove him from the UK.

Oh well, 5 new jobs created by UKBA at least someone is trying to get Britain back to work.


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